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Zak Zorro Returns with Another Groovy and Catchy Track, “HAANJI”: A Celebration of Life and Happy Moments

Zak Zorro Returns with "HAANJI"

Versatile singer, Zakeer Hussain who is popularly known as Zak Zorro who hails from Dubai is back once again with one of the most amazing and groovy tracks of the year. Zak Zorro who is always known for songs like Teri Yaad Mey, Rebel, Dhinchak, Mere Siva Kaun Bey, Jeeta Raha, and Ye Faasla from Album Baby Dil Dena is back in the spotlight with another sensational and groovy song that is sure to captivate the hearts of his fans and music enthusiasts worldwide.

Titled “HAANJI,” is a peppy song that embraces the joyous essence of life and cherishes every happy moment. With its unique blend of mesmerizing vocals, melody, hook step for dance, and trendy beats HAANJI is all set to be the biggest anthem song of the year. The beauty of the song is that it will definitely make the listeners groove their head and tap their feet and make them reconnect with the golden moments of life and give it a chance to revive them. The song is officially released on 25th July on the official YouTube handle of Zak Zorro. The teaser of the song is being appreciated by the audience a lot.

Zak Zorro in his new single HAANJI says, “The song is very close to my heart and I am always found of creating such music that makes the audience connect to their inner soul and Haanji is one such song whose peppy beats, tune and lyrics will be on everyone’s mind. I am overwhelmed with the response that is coming my way from my audience.”

He further adds, “The song’s catchy chorus is designed to make you want to sing along and dance to the infectious rhythm, making it a perfect addition to any party playlist or mood-lifting music collection. The song urges listeners to appreciate life’s blessings and share the joy with those around them, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness through music.”

Check out the song now,

The talented medley of sorts has been pulled off by the one and only, Zak Zorro and Icon Art Production. The entire song is being shot in Dubai. In the musical video, we could also see various dancers across the country grooving on Haanji along with Zak, which shows the unity and love he believes to carry it along with him in his songs.

From humble beginnings to international fame, Zak has continuously pushed the boundaries of creativity and talent. As the track Haanji continues to garner widespread acclaim, there’s no doubt that Zak Zorro’s music will continue to touch hearts and spread joy wherever it reaches. So, turn up the volume, groove to the beat, and let the magic of “HAANJI” immerse you in the sheer bliss of life’s most joyful moments.