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Witness The Love Anthem Of The Year With Urvashi Rautela and Elvish Yadav’s “Hum To Deewane”

Urvashi Rautela and Elvish Yadav's Hum To Deewane

Urvashi Rautela on working with Elvish Yadav for Hum To Deewane says, “I strongly feel that Bollywood is in dire need of tall heroes like Elvish.” as the poster of their upcoming song releases

The anticipation is building as Bollywood superstar Urvashi Rautela and popular YouTuber Elvish Yadav come together for a sizzling new music video titled “Hum To Deewane.” Fans are already buzzing with excitement, and the poster for the video, which has just been released, is setting hearts aflutter.

In the poster, Urvashi Rautela looks absolutely stunning in a vibrant red anarkali dress that accentuates her beauty and elegance. Her mesmerizing eyes and radiant smile add an extra layer of charm to her already striking presence. On the other hand, Elvish Yadav exudes cool and confident vibes, dressed in a stylish combination of a checks shirt, black pants, and a leather jacket. The contrast between their looks hints at an intriguing chemistry that’s bound to captivate audiences.

As soon as the poster hit the internet, it created a frenzy among fans, who couldn’t contain their excitement for this fresh and unexpected pairing. The poster alone suggests that this duo is all set to make sparks fly on screen.

The tagline “Hum To Deewane” itself speaks volumes about the theme of the music video. It hints at a story of passionate love, and the poster only fuels the curiosity about what lies in store for the audience. With Urvashi and Elvish coming together for this project, expectations are running high, and fans are eagerly waiting to witness their chemistry unfold on screen.

As the poster surfaced online fans went crazy and are waiting for this masterpiece to which one fan said, “Sytummm Hang hone wala hai bhaii”, another wrote, “Waiting for the big Blast On 14 September 🥳💥💥🤩 “, “ek King 👑 to dusri queen 👑”

Urvashi Rautela on her song with Elvish Says, “Elvish Yadav has truly delivered an incredible performance in “Hum Toh Deewane,” leaving everyone pleasantly surprised. I strongly feel that Bollywood is in dire need of tall heroes like Elvish. This song is a sincere ode to romance, catering to all the passionate couples out there, and it’s undeniably a beautiful composition.
Throughout the entire shoot, my focus was solely on him because I believe that when my hero looks his best, as an onscreen couple, we can deliver our very best. Please shower us with your love and blessings.”

The song is going to be released on Play DM Official Youtube channel on 14th Sptember and one thing is sure that “Hum To Deewane” is poised to be a chartbuster.

Hum To Deewane is not just a music video; it’s an experience waiting to be unveiled, and fans are counting down the days until they can witness this visual masterpiece. Stay tuned for further updates on “Hum To Deewane” and get ready to be swept off your feet by the magic of Urvashi Rautela and Elvish Yadav on screen. This is one musical journey you won’t want to miss!