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With Passion in her words and fire in her eyes,  Aadita Jain is all set to fly high!

With Passion in her words and fire in her eyes,  Aadita Jain is all set to fly high!

We all dream  about being super famous and proving ourselves to the world, but not everybody keeps the ability and determination to achieve them. Actress Aadita Jain is just the opposite! She is all set to make it big in the industry with her sheer dedication, absolute passion and immense love for her dreams. And why not! After watching her fabulous work in the most watched television programs like ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ and ‘Jamai Raja’,  one cannot doubt how talented Aadita actually is. She single handedly managed to catch the attention of her audiences in ‘Kumkum Bhagya’ with her role as ‘Doctor Sheela’ during her tenure in the show. She also has played a vital role in a yet-to-be-released Ram Gopal Verma short film ‘Sensor Board’ and can be seen in a couple of web series too. After recently being back from a catalogue shoot in Bangkok,  she is now ready to fly to SriLanka for another one.

The lively and fun loving Aadita is already being recognised and is on the verge of working with many big producers and film makers, including movie makers of South India. The Jaipur born actress is vivacious yet super friendly and down to earth. Her dreams are big,  but she genuinely accepts and will embrace all the hurdles which can come in her journey towards success and also is not scared of failures. This truly makes her a leader in real sense and will help her achieve all her goals.

For Aadita, the kind of characters and roles she plays matters a lot. She is passionate about acting and wants to experiment and pull of any kind of competitive roles assigned to her. She wants to always inspire all her fans and admirers with her work as she believes that they are the steps of her progress.

Being an actress was not what Aadita planned or wish as a child, but her destiny changed its route when she was offered to do a small dancing role in her father’s friend’s movie, ‘Aur Pappu Pass Ho Gaya’ starring Jackie Shroff and Krishna Abhishek. As an international level dancer, this opportunity marked the twist in her career path. Aadita had already been modelling in Jaipur and  had won titles like ‘Miss Rajasthan Beautiful Eyes’ and ‘Miss Congeniality Elite India’. After that there was no stopping her. Two years in Mumbai and her profile says it all.

She fondly talks about her parents with whom she shared an equall strong yet different kind of bonds. Not a single day goes by without a call from her parents. She knows that whatever the situation be, both her Mum and Dad will always be there as her pillars of support.

“My most precious dream is to be on the top,” says Aadita when asked about it. “I definitely want to be famous and conquer the hearts of people with my skills and talent. Actress Priyanka Chopra is my inspiration and a role model and I want people to love me as they love her,” says Aadita.

We wish her the very best in her future journey. May this all-in-one gorgeous model, actress, anchor and an international dancer make us all proud one day. She indeed deserves it folks!

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