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When Rohit Shetty directs Maniesh Paul!

One of the many things that the Hindi cinema stands out for is the entry of our heroes. The one entry which we still celebrate is Ajay Devgn’s iconic bike entry. It has been so well received that director Rohit Shetty remade it multiple times in his movie franchise starring the same star. Recently, the director visited the sets of Indian Idol along with Ranveer Singh and newbie Sara Ali Khan.Needless to say, the team was welcomed by our power packed host – Maniesh Paul. With all three men being the powerhouse of energies, it was obvious for them to put the entire set on fire and create some historical moments. Rohit Shetty went on to say how Maniesh is his new Ajay and that they need to re enact the famous ‘entry’ scene. Maniesh being a sport and an entertainer himself hopped on two kid’s bicycle and made an epic entry scene. The entire set was on a laugh riot with the jugalbandi created by the men.Maniesh has recently received the ‘Best Host’ Award in ITA and the ‘Sultan of Stage’ Award at the kid’s choice. He is all set to release his next short film, ‘Banjar’.

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