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Urvashi Rautela & Surya Kumar Yadav are the latest global ambassadors for a special brand, all details inside

Urvashi Rautela & Surya Kumar Yadav

The fact that Urvashi Rautela is a fan-favorite actress is no hidden secret. Her journey to the top has not been easy and that’s why, she certainly deserves every bit of the success and fandom that comes her way. The actress has got a whopping net worth of more than 550 crores and no wonder, she’s one of the biggest actresses in the Indian entertainment industry today. Given the fact that absolutely humongous and gigantic on social media, she’s certainly perhaps the only actress in the Indian entertainment industry today with whom all the major global brands want to associate. What’s most interesting is that despite being the highest-paid actress for movies and brand promotional activities, the demand regarding her is always sky-touching and at its peak. Apart from her acting chops in successful movies and web projects, what also makes her incredibly successful is her super strong social media game. She’s one of the leading actresses in the country with a humongous and magnanimous following of more than a whopping 70M on Instagram and henceforth, it’s absolutely no surprise that she’s a favourite among the brands. In the past, Urvashi has been a part of several big brands and we have all heard instances of the happiness and satisfaction that the brands have had in the past after joining hands with Urvashi.

Given the fact that she’s a humongous star, brands are always after her. She’s someone who gives her nod to brand endorsements very selectively and guess what’s the latest brand that she’s associated with? Well, it’s Gen-X. Yes that’s right. Urvashi has been roped in as the latest global brand ambassador of Gen-X India. It is to be noted that alongside Urvashi Rautela, even popular Indian cricketer Surya Kumar Yadav has been roped in as a brand ambassador for the same. Urvashi Rautela took to her respective social media handle to share a promo video of the latest advertisement featuring her and well, as expected, the internet truly can’t keep calm big time. Check them out below –

Well, given the fact that Urvashi Rautela is one of the biggest stars in the country and one of the most popular Indian actresses renowned globally, it is simply no surprise that she’s more often than not the first choice for the leading brands in the country. Her credibility is immense and everyone understands the value she brings to the table and that’s one of the biggest reasons behind her success as a brand ambassador for different brands. Here’s hoping and wishing that Urvashi Rautela continues to bring her A-game on in terms of brand promotions and slay in this department like how she always has been doing.

On the work front, Urvashi Rautela is set to slay in her upcoming projects like Dil Hai Grey, Black Rose, and many more. She is also set to play the lead role in an upcoming patriotic movie which is set to touch the hearts of many. Stay tuned for more updates.