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TV actors react to news of Mumbai malls, multiplexes remaining open 24/7

TV actors react to news of Mumbai malls, multiplexes remaining open 24/7

Environment & Tourism Minister Aditya Thackeray has passed a decision stating that Mumbai shopping malls, restaurants, multiplexes will remain open 24X7 from the end of this month. TV actors give us their take on this decision.

Jasmin Bhasin: It’s a very cool decision because every time I travel abroad and when I see that malls and everything are open till night, I wish like this was happening in our country too. Everybody lives a different life, the kind of profession we are in. We are either shooting at night or day, we don’t have any timings and sometimes what happens that very important work gets undone because we are not able to make it in time. I think this will be a great advantage if used by people moderately and properly and not taken advantage of. I think it’s a great decision. It will also increase employment opportunities, which is a very important thing. I will definitely go for night shopping, midnight meals are a very regular thing that I often indulge in.

Aniruddh Dave: I really appreciate that in Mumbai multiplexes restaurants malls will remain open 24/7. I really congratulate and thank ministers Aditya Thackeray who took this initiative forward. Be its film industry, or the corporate hotel industry, international MNCs, employees don’t have a day or night difference in their life. They often work round the clock. I would go to the midnight buffet!

Sharad Malhotra: I absolutely adore the idea and I can vouch for people like us who belong to the entertainment or media fraternity, working round the clock, at unearthly hours too, will finally get some time and respite to be able to satisfy their eating and shopping cravings. It will definitely change the outlook and face of Mumbai and place it on the world map because in the west there are malls and eateries open 24/7 catering to people’s needs. The saying Mumbai never sleeps will finally be justified.

Heital Puniwala: I won’t go for this. As this is a very silly thing. At night, all-party people will go there and party the entire night and do every bad thing doing in the middle of the night. The night is always for sleep so that the next day you be fresh and can go to your work. Those who are lazy and don’t work at all will go to night parties and the whole mess up will start.

Vijayendra Kumeria: I think it is a good step. People who don’t get the time and get free late in the evening will be able to enjoy the malls as well. This will also attract tourists and on the other hand, people who visit Mumbai for work will have a great option to unwind, shop or enjoy the food at late hours after work. I will definitely go for night shopping or midnight meals and have fun sometimes at the malls.

Sanjay Gagnani: I think it is a great initiative as the entire world knows that Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. Now, after this initiative, it will be hence proven that it is actually a city that never sleeps. I think it is a great initiative not just because you get to go to the mall at midnight, but I think the city will be even safer than it used to be after this initiative because malls and restaurants are always lit up. There are always people around. It’s a public place. Most of the crimes happen in the night when it’s dark but as compared to other cities, Mumbai is much safer and it will be even safer after this initiative. Also, a lot of people are loners in a city like Mumbai so with this initiative, people who feel lonely in the night during midnight, they can just go to a nearby restaurant or mall to keep themselves busy or chill for some time at a coffee shop, or have a midnight meal, or go shopping also, because as they say that food and shopping are a great therapy. It reduces stress and depression. It is also a great opportunity where professionals like us can go to restaurants and malls even at midnight. I think it is going to change the face of the city. It is going to be even more vibrant, brighter, safer, and a happier city than ever before.

Aastha Chaudhary: It’s is good news for everyone because Mumbai is the city that never sleeps and this is a famous fact about Mumbai. It is the safest place in India and secondly, you can go anywhere without tension. I remember Aditya Thackeray was trying to do this for a long time as I know him personally. Now it’s going to be a little tough for Mumbai police but they are capable of all this. This will also attract tourists and will help us to increase our economy and business growth because ultimately the employment will increase. We as an actor we don’t get much time to go out and have fun as sometimes we get a call for night shift or we leave at odd hours from our shoot. Right now, only 5-star restaurants or coffee shops are open till late but now we have many options.

Rohitashv Gour: The law passed by our environment and Tourism minister Aditya Thackeray to keep malls open the whole night is a very good initiative. The benefit of this will be seen in our nightlife. It will be more beautiful and there will be a growth in business. Mumbai is a city which never sleeps and it is famous for its nightlife but due to some ugly reasons it was stopped but now again it has started. I will enjoy and have fun and even other people will enjoy this life, I am sure.

Amal Sehrawat: It’s another step towards developed India. There is a famous saying “Mumbai Never Sleeps” and it’s going to turn into a reality. I am definitely going to shop and dine during the late hours especially because I am sure that in those hours, at least, I am going to find parking easily!

Amit Sarin: I think it’s going to be very exciting, it will add to the vibrancy and nightlife of Mumbai, which was the hallmark of the Mumbai lifestyle. Whenever I will come to India, I would love to explore the nightlife once again in Mumbai.

Arun Mandola: Mumbai is one of the fastest cities in India. It is a very good decision and I am sure people will appreciate. There are lots of people who want shopping malls and restaurants to be open 24/7 and because of this decision people will be more attracted to Mumbai.

Param Singh: I think it is a good thing for people who have a busy schedule. They can also go check stuff out late at night and go out with their families too. It’s a good thing for the owners as well in terms of business. I am assuming it will be less crowded during the wee hours, but that’s okay. I hope there is sufficient security for women and kids.

Ankit Siwach: This step would definitely give a boost to employment, local economy and will induce more energy to the nightlife of Mumbai. There would be an impact on traffic control and overcrowded malls as there would be an even distribution throughout the day, making things convenient to the public. Talking about the cons, carbon print, and CFC emissions would increase due to 24 hours functioning of malls and other places. Overall, I believe this step would make the city safer and convenient for the common man.

Mohit Malhotra: Since Mumbai is a city that is active almost round-the-clock, this is expected to benefit the people, besides tourism. I think this will be a radical change for the city and I feel it’s a great initiative that will bring more progress for the city. By the time most people finish work on weekdays, the malls shut and shopping is a big problem. I am happy that we will not have to face this problem now.

Kettan Singh: It’s a welcome thought, and a metro like Mumbai which is also the safest for women as compared to other places, this decision only adds more to the freedom and access to the much-talked nightlife. It has ceased to exist for the longest but will now. Now that it’s in the process I can also say the administration, police, and people should handle this responsibly.

Himanshu Malhotra: I think it sounds interesting at the first go. If Aditya Thackeray Ji has taken an initiative like this, I think it’s with the intention of providing more jobs to people to solve employment issues and to always making sure the economy constantly rotates, the liquidity in the market increases. I must suggest that they have had a trial for this and if the trial is successful, this will work. People love roaming around in the night. Even at two o’clock in the night, there are traffic jams.

Rahul Sharma: It’s a good step because Mumbai is a busy city and people work day and night in the city. So sometimes some people, including me, don’t get time to go to the mall or to shop or to eat out. So if I have this kind of facility provided then I’ll definitely go and shop that will be beneficial for me as a customer. It will be actually convenient. The second good thing is that it will create lots of jobs for people. So this is a good step where people will be getting jobs, customers will be getting the comfort of shopping.