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The time for positive climate action is now, says Dia Mirza

On her 40th birthday, Dia Mirza pledges 40 lakhs to the families of forest warriors who died of COVID-19

The actor says, her goal is to do all she can to leave behind a healthier planet for her son

Actor, producer, UN Goodwill ambassador, SDG Advocate and climate champion Dia Mirza has been a spokesperson for the environment for decades. She has used her platform to consistently speak up for endangered wildlife, the importance of preserving habitats, protecting forests, rivers, and natural resources.

The actor says now the time has come to do more even though she has always walked her talk by zealously adopting a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle, donating over Rs 40 lakh to the bereaved families of forest guards who passed away due to COVID-19, hosting informative sessions about environment issues on her Instagram handle and investing in sustainable brands like Shumee, Beco, etc.

Even her wedding was a zero-waste event. But as she says,”The time to just speak up for the environment is long gone and in the new year, I will do all I can to precipitate collective action towards a healthier planet.”

She adds,”I have already taken steps towards this resolution by doing my bit for bereaved families of forest guards and investing money in sustainable businesses. In the time to come, my production house will also be creating content to support SDG goals and I am willing to include young people in this conversation about climate change because they will steer this movement to its just conclusion as they will inherit this planet. As a mother, I feel an increased sense of urgency about climate action and hope to mobilize changemakers across the world to come together and protect the environment.”