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The Song Of Scorpions : presented and Co-Produced By Zeeshan Ahmad, The Last Film Of Irrfan Khan To Be Released On 28th April

The Song Of Scorpions The Last Film Of Irrfan Khan

Here Is Your Last Chance To Witness The Magic Of Irrfan Khan On The Big Screen

Even after three years of Irrfan Khan’s untimely death, his fans are still to come to terms with the irreparable loss of an artist who is considered as one of the greatest actors India has ever produced.

Every time Irrfan Khan used to be on screen, he used to weave magic with his impeccable and brilliant performance. And now, the time has come to witness his magic one last time on the big screen. Yes, there is one such film called The Song Of Scorpion which will be Irrfan’s last theatrical release. The film features Irrfan in a role of a lifetime. A film which unfortunately couldn’t get released when he was alive and which will now release on 28th April, on the eve of the 3rd death anniversary of Irrfan Khan.

The Song Of Scorpions has been produced by A Feather Light Films and KNM Productions and it has been presented by Panorama Spotlight and 70 MM Talkies. Talking about the film, co-producer and owner of the 70 MM Zeeshan Ahmad says, “It is my honour that my name has been associated with this film as a co-producer and one of the presenter of the film. We are glad that Irrfan Khan’s last onscreen appearance in a film is soon going to be released in cinemas across the country and his fans will get to see him one last time on the big screen. Trust me, Irrfan’s character and performance in the film is going to leave you spellbound.”

Interestingly, the film has a very interesting plot. Irfaan Khan’s character Aadam is a camel trader who falls in love with Nooran. The Song Of Scorpions tells the story of Nooran who is a fiercely independent tribal woman who is learning the ancient healing art of scorpion-singing from her grandmother Zubeida. According to a popular myth, if a scorpion bites you, you will die unless a scorpion-singer sings her song and cures you.

Remembering the greatness of Irrfan Khan, co-producer and presenter of the film Zeeshan Ahmad further adds, “The cinematic world is never going to be same without Irrfan Khan. He not only elevated many Hindi films with his nuanced and magical performances but he also did many films in Hollywood and other industries too where his performances were greatly acknowledged and appreciated by everyone. He was an actor par excellence and one of his heartfelt and mesmerizing performances will be seen in The song Scorpions. Don’t miss the chance of witnessing the magic of Irrfan Khan on the big screen for the one last time.”

Notably, The Song of Scorpions was premiered at Switzerland’s Locarno Film Festival and was widely appreciated by the international audiences. The film has been written and directed by Anup Singh. Apart from Irrfan, the film also stars Golshifteh Farahani, Waheeda Rehmaan and Shashank Arora in pivotal roles and it is gearing up for the release at the end of this month.