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The season of love is in full bloom with Papon’s Tera Mera releasing today

Papon's Tera Mera

On a spree of rendering captivating melodies, singer-songwriter-composer Papon brings a gem that he had been waiting to share with listeners. The multifaceted artist enlivens a beautiful composition by Amarabha Banerjee titled, ‘Tera Mera’, which releases on the renowned YouTube Channel, SUFISCORE. A wonderful addition to the eclectic bunch of compositions sung by the singer throughout during and post the lockdown, Tera Mera is a love song featuring Papon, Barun Sobti and Sonarika Bhadoria.

What makes the Amarabha composition special is that it pays tribute to the traditional thumri Ka Karoon Sajni. The song has been sung by Papon, written by Amarabha Banerjee and it has a mesmerizing sitar solo by Purbayan Chatterjee. Featuring Papon, Barun Sobti and Sonarika Bhadoria, the video of the song has been directed by Parasher Baruah and shot in the stunning locales of Goa.

Papon says, “I had been eagerly waiting for Tera Mera to release. Amarabha Banerjee has done a stellar job with the composition of this song. As a singer, it is a treat to sing melodies that have been carefully curated. Tera Mera is one such melody. The sitar solo by Purbayan is one of the star attractions of the song. I am very excited for the response of the listeners.”

Tera Mera is now available for listeners on the YouTube channel of SUFISCORE. Papon’s independent songs in 2020 include Main Abhi Wahin, Khidki, Tomar Kotha, Nirbota Dao Gaan, Together Let Go, Nilaanjana, Siyahii, Paar Hobo Aei Xomoy, Din Guzrein Woh, Haaye Rabba, Sajda Karoon and Dost Ban Ban Ke (cover of the original ghazal by Jagjit Singh as his tribute to the legend on his 80th anniversary).