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The Saint of Varet’, showcasing the importance of not losing hope, completes shoot!

When corona pandemic struck, the entire world faced the financial crunch. India too was not spared and many people lost jobs. Talking of entertainment industry, especially Bollywood, daily wage earner workers were worst hit and not to mention the technicians and the actors from the middle and lower rung of the film industry. As the shoots were cancelled or deferred and the crew being immensely curtailed plenty of people dependant on this industry faced starvation. The similar situation is being incorporated by writer-director Munnawar Bhagat in a hindi film ‘The Saint of Varet’ and though it has shown the aftermaths of the pandemic, it underlines the positive side of this dreaded phase.

Due to the corona pandemic still affecting the lives of people, which also is present in our country, people need to predominantly take care of their health. Alongside physical health, mental health too has gained prominence. The fear of unknown has gripped people’s lives and a lot of them are walking spiritual path these days. No one knows the future and that uncertainty has led to new spiritualism.

A young guy who is part of the Bollywood fraternity returns to his native place, dejected with the the state of affairs with his life. With nothing good in front of him for the future and the present situation being tormenting enough, he decides to end his life. But destiny has something else in her mind. He encounters a miracle of sorts and sees his life getting back on track. He decides to help the society by sharing his experiences and becomes a ‘The Saint of Varet’. The movie showcases the importance of not losing hope and always believing in the almighty. The shoot of the film is complete and it goes into post-production.

Producer-director Munnavar Bhagat, who is known for content driven films like ‘Lakhon Hai Yahan Dilwale’, ‘Nivdung’ and ‘Gaav Pudhe Aahe’, has produced and directed ‘The Saint of Varet’. The story, screenplay and dialogues are penned by him too. The DOP is Arvindsinh Puvar and the music is composed by Amit Anil Biswas. Mann B Roka is the editor. The film stars Vije Bhatia who is playing the lead is joined by debutant Roshni Chaubey, Prasad Mali, Mansi Parekh, Shalvi Shah Revati Iyer and Munnawar Bhagat play important roles.

‘The Saint of Varet’ will soon hit the theatres.