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The Rise & Rise Of Tanuj Virwani: An inspiring take on growth & never-ending passion

The Rise & Rise Of Tanuj Virwani

Tanuj Virwani is currently hailed and loved by all as a force to reckon with & for all the right reasons. His success story is a tale of never-ending passion, disciplined and consistent efforts and most importantly, indomitable spirit. Over the past few years, he’s truly risen like a phoenix from the ashes and has time and again proven his mettle and credibility on the big stage where it mattered the most. To talk about his latest project ‘Yodha’, his performance has truly been top-notch and even the biggest critics of the industry have taken note of the same. Right from the way he goes about approaching his military character to the body language, walk, posture and how he looks, everything has truly been on point. Today, he might be in the scheme of things enjoying all the love and adulation that’s coming his way.

Many critics feel that in every sense of the term, Tanuj’s gamechanger project was ‘Inside Edge’ on the OTT platform. Given the visionary that he is, he believed in the true potential of OTT even before it became a cult or a phenomenon and no wonder from there onwards, it was only looking ahead in life for the talented actor. His role of Vayu Raghavan resonated with everyone, especially all the cricket lovers in the country and that’s remarkable. After that, some of the impeccable projects that he’s been a part of are Code M, Abhay, Poison, Illegal – Justice Out Of Order, Kamathipura, Bajao, Cartel, Tandoor & many more. It has taken him years of consistency and an incredible amount of self-belief to take up these challenging roles and slowly and steadily establish his true potential. They say that good work always finds its audience and in Tanuj’s case, the direction seems to have been Dhama Productions. All his incredible work over the recent years earned him his first Dharma film and no wonder, in true ‘Vayu Raghavan’ style, he’s truly whacked it out of the park in the very first go. Today, everybody is in awe of Tanuj in Yodha and everything, right from the way he spearheads the Yodha task force to his on-screen bromance with Sidharth Malhotra, everything is earning him respect and we are happy because he always deserves it. For someone who has never really used his ‘film background’ to manage any ‘shortcut’ growth in the industry, it’s only fair for life to shower such a hustler with everything nice and positive.

To cut things short, all we can say is only the sky is the limit for Tanuj. Or perhaps even that’s not and he is limitless? Either way, what fans love the most about him is his humble personality that makes him all the way more charismatic. Here’s congratulating the actor for such a beautiful journey in the entertainment space so far and here’s hoping that going forward, he only gets bigger and better with time. Stay tuned for more updates.