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The grand, glorious and untold tale of ‘August 16, 1947’: A.R. Murugadoss produced venture unveils official trailer

August 16 1947 official trailer

What if there was a hidden chapter in the story of India’s independence? What if one Indian village never knew it was free of British tyranny? The trailer of ‘August 16, 1947’ is now out online, and by the looks of it, audiences are in for an epic big screen bonanza like no other!

Directed by NS Ponkumar, ‘August 16, 1947’ is a spellbinding tale of love, courage and patriotism. The film’s exclusive trailer gives us a glimpse of the grand entertainment in store, as we meet the innocent villagers of Sengadu, who are mercilessly tortured by British forces. As one man decides to rise against the evil rulers, a rousing revolution begins, just as India is about to gain Independence.

Can the villagers of Sengadu fight back…or are they thwarted by the menacing villains? Fans are left with this question by the end of the thrilling trailer.

Starring Gautham Karthik and debutant Revathy, ‘August 16, 1947’ also features Pugazh in a pivotal role. May it be the stunning sets that transport us to an era gone by, the edgy action that gets us pumped, the sweet romance between Gautham and Revathy, or the melodious music that is a treat to the ears, each and every aspect of the trailer is unique.

Talking about his latest production, A.R. Murugadoss says, “August 16, 1947 is an enthralling tale about a lost story of India’s freedom struggle. From our gifted director NS Ponkumar, to passionate performers like Gautham, Revathy and Pugazh, we have assembled the finest of talents to create this film. Audiences across India will be proud to experience this grand saga at a cinema near them.”

Echoing similar thoughts, producer Om Prakash Bhatt, Purple Bull Entertainment, says, “A film that blends a unique story with grand visuals and powerful performances, August 16, 1947 has immense universal appeal. We look forward to audiences across the country getting swept away by this glorious tale of revolution and romance”.

Produced by A.R. Murugadoss, the mind behind super hits like Holiday and Ghajini, there is already a strong buzz surrounding ‘August 16, 1947’. Releasing worldwide in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, the trailer is anything to go by, a gripping Independence battle awaits us on the 7th of April 2023.

Watch the trailer now: