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*The coronavengers*

The coronavengers

This unique title will certainly make everyone wonder, but Bollywood Couch is going to introduce all our readers with few real-life Coronavengers

Sounds interesting isn’t it? Well like the Avengers who fought and save the world in a fictional tale, the coronavengers have been the young volunteers who have agreed to distribute food relief packages by going the extra mile. They have gone to places and buildings where infection rates were high yet they delivered food to the needy one by ignoring their own safety. God looks after them who does something good .. these young volunteers are bunches of creative talent from the land of red rivers and blue hills who are offering helping hand to all needy ones in Mayanagari Mumbai.

Coronavengers are namely Trinayan Sharma, Azmat Ali Campwala, and Rajesh Kaibarta.

Veteran actor Seema Biswas came up with a relief scheme through which all the Assamese people of the cultural lines who are stranded in Mumbai would be provided raw materials such as rice, dal, and oil. Debashish Sarma, the resident commissioner of Assam Bhavan was given the additional responsibility so that the work happens meticulously. He has been giving food packages to 500/600 people daily in Assam Bhavan Mumbai on behalf of Govt of Assam.

Assam govt has been terrific and deserves a big round of applause for the relief food packages are given through Assam Bhavan and Seema Biswas deserve credit for organising for all belonging to the cultural field.

The volunteer Trinayan Sharma who is the son of former/late DGP of Assam Khagen Sarma has been vocal about doing this noble cause for his father, that his father would be proud of him. He further says that it’s risky to travel to many different places and give the relief packages, sometimes he and his team fears what if? but the belief that something good is being done kept them going and they continuously ventured out for a week and distributed the relief packages to 100 plus people all over Mumbai .. Trinayan also says this responsibility was to be given to Debb Kashyap Borthakur a very dear friend of his but as he was in Assam he passed this responsibility to him as he knew Trinayan would do anything to fulfill it for his own community. While they distributed food they came up with this name coronavengers, those who fought with situations but never gave up and did the good thing in the end, he also applauded the doctors and the police personal who are at the forefront of the virus and asked them to be careful as well.

Trinayan further says if Mumbai will follow rules and regulations properly the virus will be swept aside in a month’s time but unfortunately, it’s not the case and we need to be more vigilant and more responsible otherwise we could enter a real dark phase soon .. Hoping that we realise and act accordingly