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Tanuahree Dutta Fires everyone for being Judgemental

Tanushree Dutta fires everyone for being Jusgemental


With MeToo campaign Tanushree Dutta came back to fame, however the actor feels uncomfortable with audience judging her every step


The actor says “For all those people offended with and questioning my recent outing for Navratri event I have some words of common sense to share..Why do u expect me or anyone who has spoken out about injustice to just stay at home and sulk.Ive never done that and never will.I have been attending events for the last 10 years regularly and looking great and happy is my birthright as a human being.


She  further ads “ Im a 21st century girl and I don’t conform to how your primitive mindset would expect me to behave.Dont forget that i have an identity beyond the cause I’m currently championing ; I am the Miss India Universe,lead actress of several mainstream films and public figure who holds her own space in this world.”

This raises an important topic of why girls and women when they have the courage to speak out about harassment,abuse or assault are then further stigmatized by society by imposing on them rules and codes of conduct post complaint.For the last 10 years I have seen the four harassers of horn ok please incident go out and about their life,do movies,attend events,win awards and laugh and smile and get accolades etc..why not raise a question then??Now is my time!! I will continue to raise awareness with my activism,I will continue to work,I will go out and have a great time with friends and family,I will get retribution,I will bring hope to many that have lost hope in this darkness,I will show a way to healing and wholeness to those that are broken.


The actor forum confirms “I will shine my light bright for all to see as i was not created to lurk in the shadows.And all this i will do while looking stunning,fantabulous and awesome!! Im a child of God and i do things differently from most others.Im GenX.

So to all naysayers: look how I will hold my peace, prosper and grow in the midst of a storm.My enemies shall be my footstools and i shall rise high upon wings like eagles..if u dont like it too bad EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT!!-Tanushree Dutta

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