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SV Fida She-Ro & Indian Indian Legendary Awards presented International Women’s Day programme

SV Fida She-Ro & Indian Legendary Awards

The spirit of women empowerment resonated through Bengaluru on March 31st, 2024, as women achievers we’re felicitated with the prestigious SV Fida She-Ro awards.

The event, marked by the presence of distinguished guests and achievers, recognized and awarded over 26 remarkable women across various fields. But the celebration didn’t stop there! Sudha Ventures also paid tribute to the invaluable support of men in women’s success. Through the Indian Legendary Award 2024, exceptional men who stand by women achievers and excel across various domains were recognized, highlighting their contributions to building a more inclusive and empowered society.

This grand celebration of talent and dedication took place at the luxurious Essetto Recreation Hub, Whitefieldin Bengaluru. From luminaries in the film industry such as Indrajit Lankesh, AniruddhJatakar, and Harshika Poonachcha, to accomplished personalities along with Doordarshan program executive Aarti, the event was a testament to brilliance and resilience.

Distinguished Chief Guests including retired Supreme Court Judge and former Lokayukta Dr. N Santosh Hegde, Dr. Dharani Devi Malagatti, Director of Kannada and Culture Department, and A. Amrit Raj, President of the BBMP Employees Union, graced the occasion, highlighting Sudha Ventures’ commitment to uplifting women and showcasing the untapped potential of unsung heroes in our society. There were various captivating cultural, dance and entertainment programmes enthralling the audience. In a world where empowerment knows no limits, Sudha Ventures continues to inspire, uplift, and champion the extraordinary achievements of women and men alike.
The She-Ro award recipients were Harshika Poonacha (Films and Social Services), Priya Prashant (Fashion), Pratima Rao (Sports), Lavanya (Best Health Fitness Trainer), Shrimathi (Fashion), Pushpa (Education), Sadhana Ahrith (Fashion Academy), Subbalakshmi (Music), Arati (Writer), Pratima (Fashion), GN Komala (Education), Pavitra (Makeup Artiste & Trainer, Social Services). The Indian legendary awardees were Indrajit Lankesh (Films), , ALL OK (Music), Niranjan Deshpande (Anchor),, Anirudh Jatkar (Films), Satish (Industrialist), Ambareesh Gowda (Social Services and Politics), Nagaraju (Celebrity Costume Designer), Santosh Kattimani (Entrepreneur),, Shailesh Kumar (Health and Films), K Vijay Kumar (Entrepreneur and Social Services), Mohammed Wasim (Hotel Industry). The program was compered by Dhananjay and Shruti. The event was supported by Mala Keshav (Sudha Ventures Core Committee). The program was the brainchild and successfully organized by Ms. Sudha M (Mrs. Universe-Charm and Founder of Sudha Ventures). The program also saw singing by Sachin S Nagarth.

A Night of Empowerment and Recognition:

The event was a resounding success, filled with powerful speeches, vibrant presentations, and a sense of shared purpose.

Event was energeized with dance performance from the team KKDC, and gorgeous girls ramp walk from the team.

It served as a platform to acknowledge the accomplishments of women and their unwavering dedication to their work and communities. The energy of the evening resonated with a message of empowerment, inspiring young girls and women to dream big and strive for their goals.

Parthasarathy, Mala Keshav,Veeresh and Preetham from Sudha Ventures actively worked for success of the program. The program was ably supported by V1 Fitness K Vijay Kumar, and Essotto Hotel Mohammed Waseem and Anil Gupta