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Stop misquoting Salman Please

News hungry media misquotes Salman Khan to gain more popularity. Salman Khan who recently had a session with media in Mumbai recently hardly knew that he will be misquoted till that extend. Media outlets are flooded with fake news where he has been framed to impart statement on India and Pakistan and how he wants peace to prevail and war would not be a sensible move.

Media personnel who were present in yesterday’s meet had to rub their eyes to read such shallow news in reputed portals.

Here is what Salman Khan Says:

“this stucks that Jaldi khatam ho jaye taki hamare jawan hamare pas aye aur unke jawan unke family
ke pas jaldi se pahuch jaye”

He added

“Basically that Jab bhi jung hoti hain dono taraf ke log marte hai aur fir then their family are without their sons
without their fathers and they have to give whole life without them”.

In addition to Salman, brother Sohal Khan Says

“jung achi hai ya buri hai i dont think anyone will tell achi hai sab log bolenge buri cheez hai jo bhi disccussion hai
jo bhi conflicts hai ultimately woh accross the table hi solve kiye jate hai so its a negative emotions whenever we have seen anything always been, nobody has supported but still happens nobody knows why aur kisiko bhi puchlo”

after this Salman Khan Says

“jo bhi order karte hai jung ko unko samne khada kar dena chayiye aur ye lo bhai banduko pakdo aur pehle aap lado ek din ke andar bandh ho jayega pair kapne shuru ho jayenge haath kapne shuru ho jayenge aur seeedhe table pe aake jo bhi discission hai woh hoyegi”

So please show up your morality and stop framing Salman.

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