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Sooraj Barjatya proud of Chanda’s TellaTina, a pure and clean help-culture app

Chanda’s TellaTina

TellaTina, a Chanda Barjatya Surana venture blessed by Sooraj R Barjatya, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani, and the stars of tinsel town

She is a trained Kathak and Odissi dancer who plays the piano and tabla and writes scripts. She is Chanda Barjatya Surana, sister of legendary filmmaker Sooraj R Barjatya and the driving force behind TellaTina, a platform for safe and trusted like-minded friends across the globe looking to share and seek helpful information on anything they require.

Chanda grew up in a joint family where relationships, ethics and humility along with a passion for the arts were given importance. Trust and family values that always mattered to Chanda Barjatya turned into TellaTina when Chanda thought of taking technology into her entrepreneurial hands and doing something worth her while with it, she looked at an app that was based on the chain reaction of positive humanitarianism and generosity of spirit. The underlying principle was based on the fact that if you get help, you will want to help.

“TellaTina is a unique platform of pure helpful energy that generates responses from firsthand experiences by its members, in order to help another. There are no biases, no cuts or commissions, nor any vested interests by anybody on this platform. With a high profile membership, no cell numbers or email addresses are disclosed in the app with global interest groups on varied subjects such as spirituality, dream analysis, finance etc. advisory board and panel of experts boasts of renowned names with years of experience and expertise in their various fields,” elaborates Chanda.

True to the Barjatya spirit, Chanda chose to run the platform that is on a pure invitation basis for three years to let it grow slowly and steadily, but purely organic. Today the global platform is growing wings adding in newer members and newer applications, taking the values of trust and helpfulness, yet maintaining privacy to greater heights. The who’s who joined the platform that promises to keep their privacy respected.

It is now that after her success story, Chanda has chosen to let the world know about this app that uses technology combined with values. Naturally, Sooraj R Barjatya is proud of his sibling who has made her mark. Says he, “Our father used to always say that we should always help others and never hurt anyone. So here we are, following that tradition. Chanda has successfully built a pure and clean help culture app in a space where one can be safe to meet anyone in the world over the past three years despite lockdown and pandemics. The tagline itself says ‘a group of people who are happy to give and receive.’ It is. So many of our friends and relatives have already benefited from the app.. And now, soon, her premium version TellaTina Crown is to be announced taking her venture to another level. I am very proud of this venture of hers and wish her all the best and hope many more such people come together to help each other. I think it is the greatest form of Seva and Satkarma,” he enthuses.

Avers Anupam Kher, “Only Chanda could have come up with this amazing app because Chanda herself is this helpful, charming, vivacious, easily reachable and communicative person. She put her personality into an app and called it TellaTina! And that’s what it’s about, it’s a group of communicative,, helpful and charming people. When I was in New York, Chanda told me to use the app and that it would help, and it did. When I felt like having Indian food, like khichdi or something traditional, I just put up a question on this app and so many people came to help! So congratulations, Chanda, on this amazing, aatmanirbhar Indian app! You do the best things in the best manner.”
Adds Boman Irani, “TellaTina is a brilliant platform to connect with the best people in their respective fields. Take for example a-la-carte. Now, the a-la-carte group is called ‘You Dreams – Inner You’ What happens there? Imagine getting your inner self revealed through your dreams by the renowned Dr Milind Bhatt. That’s therapeutic, isn’t it? I’d like to congratulate Chanda and the team and wish them good luck.”

Says Renuka Shahane, “TellaTina has such exclusive a-la-carte groups. I found the concept of ‘meant to be’ really unique because it doesn’t do any matchmaking but is a brilliant visibility platform for good profiles and families to connect for themselves offline and no one comes to know who’s on it. Remarkable privacy. Thank you for inviting me to use this app.” Ashutosh Rana is elated as well.

As for Chanda, these are but small milestones along the way. “The idea is to create a movement that is universal and helps you receive and give without being trolled or hounded at any point in time for your actions, an app where your privacy is sacrosanct and where entry will be only by invitation. A lot of our members are happy being anonymous and lend a helping hand whenever needed by others. This live to give and live to help thought is our mantra to success.”