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Sony Music launches the melodic ‘Akhiyan’ by the talented Gourov-Roshin and Papon

Akhiyan by Gourov-Roshin and Papon

Sony Music brings to its listeners yet another musical masterpiece featuring talent powerhouse music composer duo, Gourov-Roshin and singer Papon. The new single, Akhiyan gives the audience a melancholic tune that hits all the right notes.

Known to be the go-to platform for artists to showcase their talent in the independent music space, Sony Music will release the song on The song video features TikTok celebs Manav and Garima. With a huge connect with the GenZ the duos popularity will surely help spread the message of love with the theme of #EkTarfaPyaar

Talking about the song, music composer duo, Gourov-Roshin says, “Firstly, it is so interesting that the song is called Akhiyan and one our last releases was Tere Do Naina. Seems like we are infatuated by eyes. But overall, this song holds a very special value for us. It is melodious as well as sad in the most beautiful way possible. And collaborating on this with Papon and Sony Music was the clincher because all of us were on the same page and we wanted to connect with the listeners with this tune.”

Noted singer Papon says, “I am so glad that we are provided with a platform to showcase our talent through independent singles. This track, Akhiyan is a heartfelt collaboration on love not being reciprocated. With Gourov-Roshin’s tunes, I think we got the right mood of the song.”
Sony Music has been at the helm of releasing the best in pop music and is also known for the growth of the category in India.

The love song ‘Ankhiyan’ under the Sony Music label, was launched today and have received an amazing response.