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Shreyas Talpade to Use His App To Pick Talent

Shreyas Talpade to Use His App To Pick Talent

Actor Shreyas Talpade, who voiced for Timon in the Hindi remake of The Lion King and charmed audiences with his perfect comic timing, will soon launch an app to connect with his fans. Along with using his app to connect with fans, share acting tips with them, Talpade will also be taking auditions for his next venture through it.

In what is clearly a first of its kind announcement made by a Bollywood star, the Shreyas Talpade app will allow auditionees to log in and show Talpade why they are best for the film. Giving aspiring actors, who have always dreamt of an opportunity to step foot into one of the biggest film industries, Talpade aims to scout for the best talent using this app. Additionally, the app will also allow users a sneak-peek into Talpade’s everyday life and functionality.

“Connecting with my fans directly has always been something I love to do. With this app, I want to use technology to its potential, connect with people, tap into their talents, likes, dislikes and share my life with them as well. I feel India has a lot of undiscovered acting talent that if honed, can make some of the biggest superstars. My app will help me reach out to them and help them have a window to our industry. It’s a very momentous day for me and I’m thrilled!”, signed off an elated Shreyas Talpade.

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