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Short film Ramnami community will soon premiere on Mask TV OTT.!

Short film Ramnami community will soon premiere on Mask TV OTT

Mask TV OTT always remains the center of discussion for its new content. Now on this platform, a short film based on the Ramnami sect, which is devoted to the devotion of Lord Rama and belongs to the lowest section of the society, will be premiered. It is said that this sect was founded by Lord Parshuram. People of this Ramnami sect remain engrossed in the worship of Lord Ram by getting Ram’s name tattooed on their bodies. He wears a shawl named Ram and wears a crown made of peacock feathers. The web series recently released on Mask TV OTT had garnered a good amount of viewership and TRP, and now in the same series, this short film made in the name of Ramnami community is going to be premiered on this OTT platform.

Ramnami community actually points out the ill effects of social discrimination and also teaches a way of expressing a community’s reverence for its deity in another way. There is no scope for arrogance and hatred towards anyone in this.

Written by Vijendra Pratap Bareth and Tauseef Alam, “Ramnami Samudha” is a short film telling the story of Sukhiram, a dedicated man facing the twin challenges of poverty and discrimination. Through this story we will also come face to face with the problems and challenges of the Ramnami community. In this, his lifestyle and much more will be seen.

In fact, by showcasing stories that sensitively highlight human emotions, Mask TV is going one step ahead of other platforms in the direction of empathy, understanding and unity. And in today’s era, it is a great success in itself that you have sensed the mood of the audience. If so much care is taken about the likes and dislikes of the audience, then complete entertainment can be provided to the audience simultaneously. Which Mask TV is successful in doing.
According to Mansi Bhatt, Channel Producer of Mask TV OTT platform, through “Ramnami Samajwadi” we are trying to highlight the difficulties of a neglected section of the society and also trying to show how this community Despite so many problems, he remains concentrated and absorbed in devotion to God. Now all of you are ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience through this Ramnami community.