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Shantanu Moitra, Bharat Dabholkar, Reema Kagti… to judge MVP’s musical fiesta showcasing 49+ artists

MVP’s musical fiesta judge

Sone ki raahon me sone ka jagah nahin, crooned Bappi Lahiri once, probably perfectly speaking for the city of life.

Mumbai or erstwhile Bombay has always been musical for those who dared to dream. Bollywood has always found the metropolis to be inspirational to create hit numbers.
No wonder that the MVP (Music Video Project) BMC in association with The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) already has 40 teams, 9 solo musicians and counting. The contest promises to give global audiences a taste of Mumbai’s sounds and vibe.

Music makers Milind Joshi and Shantanu Moitra, director-screenwriter Reema Kagti, advertising and theatre veteran Bharat Dabholkar, Manisha Dey who heads programming and content for and Nirmika Singh, editor of Rolling Stone are on the jury panel.

Admits Reema Kagti, “Mumbai has always been an inspiration – its love, its vibe, culture, people, food… Everything. I look forward to celebrating the city’s essence and culture with these videos.”

Adds Manisha Dey, “I seek something that is original in its idea musically as well as with its creative execution. It should be a video that not just celebrates the culture, combination of traditions, religions, cuisines, music and fine arts, but truly captures the diversity and inclusive nature of the metropolis.”

Says Shantanu Moitra, “Everyday hundreds of people come to Mumbai from all over India to make their dreams come true. The video should depict the inner thoughts of people and this city while they weave those dreams, should be something that touches my heart and makes me want to see it again and again.”

Nirmika Singh, Editor of Rolling Stone wants the journey to be a fun fiesta. She advises the artists: “Stay original, stay authentic and have a lot of fun.”

The collaborating artists are just as excited. Says Zoya Khan, “The song Kuch Toh Gadbad is from personal experience about the limerence but hope within a heart. The song is full of mischief and gadbad.”

Shriram Iyer, a true blue Mumbaikar, speaks of his song. “Khud Ka Pata is a breezy, lovely romantic drive kind of track. It brings a smile to your face.”

The group Madmast expresses the feelings behind their track. “There are many who come to Mumbai looking for something or the other and blend in the expansive ocean of faces. The hustle of the city, the uncountable hopes, dreams and aspirations associated with Mumbai becomes a part of their life. Our track is about this journey.”

Rakesh and Friends (RAF) is clear. “Our song blends cross-cultural sounds into an artistic masterpiece. Mumbai wears its heart on its sleeve, strives to keep moving and survives the chaos with an ethnicity guided by the unified emotion of love.”

Swarupa Ananth aka Tablanaari avers, “Being a percussionist, my track has obviously percussive elements, set on a bed of modern contemporary sounds. The track is layered with dhol and celebration sounds often heard on the streets of Mumbai along with everyday sounds we listen to as a Mumbaikar.
I am excited about the spirit of collaboration between musicians and filmmakers. Visuals and sound have always gone hand in hand and a platform like this only strengthens the relationship.”

The winning videos will be awarded and screened at a high-profile event in Mumbai, and selected videos will also be screened at Santos, Brazil at UCCN’s upcoming event and many more international avenues.
The winning videos will also be showcased at KGAF 2023.

The Music Video Project has been conceived and executed by the 48 Hour Film Project India. Wobble Creative & Content is their partner to curate the music.

The Music Video Project Kick Off event is on Friday July 29, 2022, 5 pm to 8 pm at Rude Lounge Powai, Mumbai, which marks the start of the contest to make the Best Music Video. 12 musicians have collaborated with the MVP by sharing original tracks. More than 40 teams are participating in the contest. Each team will be allotted a track through random picking of chits. They have 15 days to script, shoot, edit and submit the film. The last date to submit an entry is Saturday August 14, 2022.
The winner takes home a cash prize as well.