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Secrets of superhuman strength spill out in Episode 4 of X-Rayed By Vidyut*

Episode 4 of X-Rayed By Vidyut

Determined to reclaim the legacy of martial arts, Vidyut Jammwal kicked off his very own chat show, X-Rayed By Vidyut to shed light on the lives of legends. In this episode of X-Rayed by Vidyut, viewers discover the new techniques of learning martial arts via YouTube with none other than the master of Taekwondo, Aaron Gassor aka Ginger Ninja Trickster. The Indian action star also enlightens us about the importance of martial arts in our lives. The action-packed conversation between these two masters is sure to leave a remarkable impact on martial art lovers. Jammwal takes viewers through the secrets of superhuman strength with Gassor, whose kicking and acrobatic abilities have shook up the internet.

Both of them reveal the process of training to test the limit of one’s body. This discussion is filled with interesting nuggets for those who are into fitness and flexibility. Gassor shares his extensive knowledge of martial arts and the key to his extraordinary abilities as a trickster. He has taught several celebrity clients and has held martial arts seminars all over the world.

Vidyut says, “In this episode, I’ve asked Aaron all the questions I’ve been asked. He has some super interesting answers and anyone who has seen him on the internet should know better than to not take him seriously. He speaks so passionately about training people and he spells about the nuances of practising martial arts in a detailed manner. I am extremely glad that I invited him over for a chat.”