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Say no to Drugs, Abhinav Shekhar’s new song Tabaahi

Abhinav Shekhar’s new song Tabaahi

After members of the film industry recently came under the scanner for drug addiction and debauchery, exposing the nexus between celebrities and drug suppliers, here comes singer-composer-lyricist Abhinav Shekhar’s catchy rap number TABAAHI, which is a take on the disastrous effects of consuming drugs.

Over the past few months, concerned authorities have made multiple arrests and conducted rounds of questioning with many actors, opening up the floor for debates and discussions about the use of drugs, especially in the world of showbiz. The video of the song starts by depicting a bunch of youngsters indulging in drugs, and pans to the singer as he goes on to say, “Tabaahi hai Tabaahi… saare bole more yaar bhai, tu tabaahi hai tabaahi”. Through the song, he questions the need for living life high on drugs, instead of focussing on work and deeds that give a natural high.

The song and video is produced by BLive Music label. Tabaahi is sung, written and composed by Abhinav Shekhar and the video is directed by Nitin Fcp and Nadeem Akhtar.

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