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Salman Khan Shows Love To Jasbir Jassi and Sumit Sethi on their latest song Jatt Bolda On His Social Media

Salman Khan Shows Love To Jasbir Jassi and Sumit Sethi

The music industry has always had its fair share of dynamic duos, those pairs who come together to create magic through their musical collaborations. One such electrifying collaboration is between the renowned Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi and the prolific music producer Sumit Sethi, who has taken the music scene by storm with their latest release, “Jatt Bolda.”

Jatt Bolda is a complete peppy, groovy, and party anthem song that is making waves across the music scene, setting the bars high for foot-tapping beats and electrifying energy by Sumit Sethi and Jasbir Jassi. Jatt Bolda” is a musical masterpiece that effortlessly blends traditional Punjabi sounds with modern beats, creating a track that’s both timeless and contemporary. The song’s catchy lyrics, coupled with Sumit Sethi’s unique music skills, make it an instant hit at parties, clubs, and gatherings. Jatt Bolda has been officially released on the YouTube channel of ‘Music Sound, by Mika Singh. Lyrics to this song are given by Vipul Kapoor and Jasbir Jassi. Produced by Mika Singh and Dr. Tarang Krishna and helmed by Sahil Kapoor Featuring Deepti Sadhwani and Dj Ojo

Jasbir Jassi is a name that resonates deeply with Punjabi folk music enthusiasts and he has gifted the music industry with several hit songs, including “Dil Le Gayeee”, Kudi Gujarat Di,” “Laung Da Lashkara,” and “Nishani Yaar Di,, Ranjha, and many more. His distinctive voice and mastery over folk music have given him a special place in the hearts of the audience and Jatt Bolda is also one such song where he proves it once again with his electrifying voice.

Sumit Sethi is a trailblazing music producer known for his innovative soundscapes and the ability to blend genres seamlessly. Sumit Sethi has produced tracks that have not only topped the charts but have also become staples at clubs and parties. His notable works include Gadi Hai Mashook Jatt Di, Veera with Jasmine Sandlas which has crossed 15 Million Views, and Majnu 2 by Mika Singh and many more and he is the most popular dj of the country.

Salman Khan also showered his love on this masterpiece Jatt Bolda given by Jasbir Jassi and Sumit Sethi, Check Out story now,

Jassi’s soul-stirring vocals, rooted in Punjabi tradition, blended seamlessly with Sethi’s contemporary beats and electronic elements. With its groovy and foot-tapping beats, “Jatt Bolda” has rightfully earned its place as the biggest party anthem of the year.