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Roshani Shenazz initiates The #WellbeingWisdom Series to help people during lockdown period

Roshani Shenazz The #WellbeingWisdom Series to help people during lockdown

The #WellbeingWisdom Series is attempted to help people receive empowerment, knowledge, hope, and insights on life and it’s learnings especially during the lockdown period.

Roshani Shenazz, Founder of Wellbeing Wisdom Series explains: “It is in a format of me sharing nuggets of Life, and doing collective chanting at the end of the episode where I pick up a universal chant from different religions or cultures and we all chant together for world healing. A lucky winner also gets an Angel Soul Guidance Reading from me.”

She further adds “this begins in a chat form with a Friend from my journey of life who is a Celebrity of Life in their own rights. They all are connected to Social influencing, Media, and Bollywood in some way or another. Each day has a specially assigned title like:

Meaningful Mondays

Trustful Tuesdays

WillPower Wednesdays

Terrific Thursdays

Funtastic Fridays

Spiritual Saturdays

Serene Sundays

The series stars with meaningful chat with the respective guest about their insights on the current situation, how people can stay strong etc. It also highlights what the guest is doing to stay strong, what are their daily activities to keep calm or on fitness diet, and fun-filled anecdotes from their family children’s time, etc.

Roshani also put lights on what are the new things they have revealed about themselves or their profession/hobbies in these times. Also their message to the people.

This is interspersed with a fluid conversation about them and also her connection with them from her films and media days of a total of 23 years and during her spiritual journey of the last 12 years.

“I just started with a Mothers Day Special on 10th May with Meghna Ghai Puri President Whistling Woods International and this week we have

Tusshar Kapoor
WillPower Wednesday 13th

Author Jerry Almeida
Terrific Thursday 14th

Maninee De
Funtastic Friday 15th

Author of The Fakir Series Ruzbeh Bharucha
Spiritual Saturday 16th

Megha Tata – Managing Director – South Asia. Discovery Communications India
Serene Sunday 17th