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Red Indian has its own special feature for Mumbai Three Page Party.

Red Indian Mumbai Three Page Party

Red Indian, who is in a discussion about its events, is going to do another blast on 9th November. Due to such an event, Red Indian has its own special feature for Mumbai Three Page Party. This time it will be Dhamaal at Club Drug and the occasion is DJ Madhu Pandey’s birthday. Which will be celebrated at Club Drug. On this special occasion But the special guest will be actress Hansika Wabre and Vijay Anand will accompany her.

This event will be full of fun in which the guests who participate by drowning will be able to participate with joy and enthusiasm.

The organizer of the event said that like the previous Red Indian anniversaries, this evening will also be decorated with great fun and excitement. And people will be able to have a lot of fun. There will be a blast in Bollywood night together…the beautiful night of intoxication, this time it will be Friday night.

This evening is going to be very special. Particularly because the Red Indian Event Organizer is going to celebrate its 28th anniversary. Also, the birthday of Rakesh Joshi, the owner of Red Indian, is also on this date. So in such a situation, there will be lots of fun and many offers for the couples, girls and boys coming to the disco.

Rakesh Joshi has the ability to organize fun events

Let us tell you that for the last 30 years, Rakesh Joshi has been organizing a disco pub parties in Mumbai continuously. Big celebrities of Mumbai arrive at events organized by Rakesh Joshi. Rakesh Joshi already has the ability to organize fun events for people. This is the reason why people do not want to leave the events of Red Indian under any circumstances. In every event, special discounts are also provided by the Red Indian company for the people. Couples and girls coming to the club dregs have also been admitted free of cost. This program will be organized in Club Drug, in which the team of Sonia and Rajat from Indore will make a big splash.

Today’s generation is always waiting for this spectacular event in the area of ​​Disco Pava, Mumbai. A special discount is also given to the youth and the girl child. In this context, the organizer has said that tonight’s evening will be something special for which to get ready.