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Recreation makes a song immortal: Karan Oberoi

Recreation makes a song immortal: Karan Oberoi


Considering the love we have for old classic songs, the music industry has been adding techno beats to old tunes and presenting it in a completely new package. Sometimes the experiment is successful while the other times it results in a cringe-worthy remake. Owing to the lack of originality in the music industry and diminishing risk-taking behaviour among the musicians, this trend of recreation is being criticised by majority. But Karan Oberoi feels that it helps in keeping the song immortal.


“Remixing and recreating old melodies can be a discouragement to those who are working hard to compose original songs, but there are positive points about it as well,” he said, adding, “As a song gets passed from generation to generation (through recreations), it becomes immortal.”


Karan, who has given some sensational hits like ‘Gori’ along with ‘A band of Boys’, feels that when a song lives on in the hearts and minds of people, it’s the sweetest feeling in this world.

Considering the hard work that goes in making an original tune, the singer turned actor strongly believes, due credit should be given to the makers. Besides that, he doesn’t find any issue with the trend of recreation. “As long as due credit is given to the original composers, lyricist and singers, I see nothing wrong with interpretations made to suit the vibe, mood and music choice of a newer generation. I feel very happy and gratified when such attempts are made and shared with me.”


“But yes, they must be made to suit the pallet of the times we live in,” he asserts.

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