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Qoini Releases his Latest Single Ghissey Jootey

Qoini Latest Single Ghissey Jootey

Ghissey Jootey is a song that perfectly encapsulates what the year 2020 meant to the artists. It captures the raw emotion and tragic loss he has experienced during the pandemic, mirroring the suffering that millions have faced: the young artist lost three of his family members to Corona in an unexpected and short span of time. During the time he was mourning their passing, he was able to transfer his feelings into lyrics which is when he penned this beautiful song, a starting point for GHISSEY JOOTEY.

“Ghissey itne jootey par kitna chala hun, lage ussi jagah hun

Kya jootey bole jhoot ya shuru jo kia aake wahi khada hun”

As the world shut down, so did Guglani’s career, which was on the rise pre-Corona. His shoots were shelved, he could not visit any studios to record quality music. After weeks of failed attempts and research, he did not give up. Determined that the country hear his song, the young artist spent his limited earnings to set up studio equipment within his home with the resources he had at hand: He came up with an amazing idea and carved out a vocal booth out of a laundry bucket. Eventually, he transformed his living room into a studio where this single was passionately birthed.

The song also touches upon the introspection and isolation that was common to the world during 2020. After the release of the song, Guglani said “ Life has been hard on everyone in the year 2020. Making sure that each moment counts the song resonates. Ghissey Jootey is about a common man with a broken soul struggling hard to express his emotions amidst all the chaos and the mundane episodes of his life”

Guglani’s struggles are also apparent in the artwork of the single which he claims people are free to interpret as per their understanding. According to Guglani, the man and his vision (in the oeuvre) are blinded by the clouds, but when they clear, the sky will be the limit.

Guglani’s efforts were not in vain: the song hit a chord with the audience and crossed 11 thousand streams in just one week within its release, proving his genius.

About Qoini –

Aditya Guglani, better known by his stage name QOINI, is a songwriter, rapper and an entrepreneur from Delhi. Aditya began his journey as a writer at the age of fourteen following the footsteps of many of his influences in the Hip Hop and Rock world.

The inception of Qoini began in 2017. The term is derived from the Hindi phrase “Koi Nahi”. He is the voice for the misfits of the world. The audience views the world through the lens of an introverted musician and his music, which primarily deals with introspection and search for motivation.

His music varies from genres like Classic Boom Bap, Hip Hop to Trap Music. Under his stage name Qoini, he released his first two singles Hum Jaise Hain and Ban Na Chahu Qoini in 2017 and 2018, respectively. Furthermore, he also released a few freestyle videos on his Instagram and YouTube channels. This caught the attention of many event organisers, which landed him some of the distinguished Hip Hop gigs in Delhi, for example, Spit Dope. At one of these gigs, he met a producer who wanted to collaborate with him for his upcoming projects.

Qoini launched his first video UTH JA AAJ in 2019, which received an overwhelming response and crossed 1 lakh views in a few weeks. Owing to the success of his first video, he got opportunities to perform at more gigs. The following videos he released were Where Did We Go and Bhaage Khudse. Both these videos carried the strong message of introspection. These videos allowed him to secure his position as a strong upcoming Delhi-based rapper.

For the video of Bhaage Khudse, he even collaborated with the dance tv show fame, Anoop Parmar. Gaining a strong momentum, he released an EP – GHARSE DOOR with a total of six songs which are available on all the streaming platforms.

Under Qoini, he wanted to establish a brand that supported artists with different art types. So, he launched his company BUSQBOX. This company is dedicated to promoting and supporting artists pan India. He even hosted a few events pre-pandemic wherein numerous artists showcased their talent.

During the lockdown, he underwent a difficult period of self-isolation and personal loss. Frustrated and let down, he poured his anger into the song Ghissey Jootey which he released at the beginning of 2021.

He is tirelessly working on more upcoming singles and projects.