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Producer Suresh Bhanushali, Photofit Music, Presents “Har Har Shiv Shankara” in the soulful voice of Dhruvin Mevada.

Har Har Shiv Shankara by Dhruvin Mevada

Music is a significant part of Hindu Mythology. The music of India is perhaps one of the oldest in the world. Music has been categorized into various forms depending upon religion, culture, and musical styles. Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music have pierced their presence in almost genres of music. From Hindi to regional to Meditation and Bhakti to name a few have been tapped by Photofit Music.

Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Bhakti’s new launch “Har Har Shiv Shankara” profoundly sung by Dhruvin Mevada, will help you quiet your mind so that your heart can open to the divine. This devotional song written by Mahindar will connect you to the blissful reality of nature to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. “Har Har Shiv Shankara” revolves around rhythmic and energetic singing of Shiv mantras that will help in calming down and acquiring peace.

Producer Suresh Bhanushali believes worship through song is the most authentic and dynamic way to associate with god and peace. And, peace is an integral part of human well-being. Hence, Photofit Bhakti is the platform that will help devotees to acquire divine experience.

Photofit Bhakti has launched a series of devotional or bhakti songs to make a mark in the zone of Bhakti too. Mr. Suresh Bhanushali further says “our bhakti music creates a unique synthesis of emotional and aesthetic experience. And devotional experience is generally gained through chants and music”. Devotional music is rooted in various socio-culture and from the different religious communities in the same region. This has made Photofit Music create a stream in Bhakti.

There are many ways to reach God, but reaching Him through music is the easiest. Such is the power of devotional music explains Mr. Rajiv John Sauson. The best part about bhakti music is that it is caste, religion, and nationality free. The only thing required is spirituality to feel this music in its purest form.

When Devotional music is absorbed in its ethical form resonates with the inner self of a person, in turn reflecting the purpose and deeper meaning of life, adds, Mr. Amit K Shiva, Photofit Music.

Mr. Rajiv John Sauson further adds, that in India the religious music of the various bhakti or devotional movements, along with the musical styles inherited from the ancient period. Also, the sound is a form of energy and the entire universe is made up of rhythm. The rhythm of devotion. Devotional songs help to find compassion, generosity, and harmony. Listening to songs from Photofit Bhakti is a golden way to obtain serenity and salvation.