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Prachi Tehlan is all praises for co-actor Tarun Arora

Prachi Tehlan is all praises for co-actor Tarun Arora


Who can forget Anshuman – the guy who broke Geet’s heart in the 2007 blockbuster Jab We Met. The film won a lot of appreciation and so does the character of Anshuman which was played by Tarun Arora. The news of this hour is, Tarun will be soon seen sharing screen space with very talented Prachi Tehlan, and the actress is all praises for her co-actor.


“It was wonderful working with Tarun Arora. We have a lot in common and that’s the reason we instantly formed a bond. Just like me, he is Punjabi from North who coincidently has a great affinity for food. Our conversation started with topics like ‘mutual friends, colleagues, work and more. But eventually, our food for love brought us closer. We used to find new places every evening to get North Indian food and in turn, got many chances to spend some quality time together.”

For a film to work well, it’s very important for an actor to find a comfort level with co-performers, and Prachi was lucky enough in this case. “He is a very patient and a supporting senior who encouraged me all the time. He helped me perform our difficult scenes together and always made me feel comfortable,” said Prachi.


But above all, what she loves the most about him is his ‘down-to-earth attitude’. “He doesn’t think of himself as an experienced artist at all. He is always ready to learn new things and is open to criticism. Isn’t it exactly how an actor should be…,” she questions adding, “I feel that every director has his own way and style to get the performance out of the character and it’s our duty as an actor to cooperate. Luckily in our film, we both did exactly as we were asked by the Director.”

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