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Pia Bajpiee Wishes Fans a Safe and Sound Diwali

Pia Bajpiee movie 'Lost'

October is the time of merriment and enjoyment with Diwali as the leading festival that brings people together. Families fly in to their native place or visit their families that stay farway. People light diyas, make flower decorations and also exchange gifts and pleasantries.

Actress Pia Bajpiee revealed her convictions towards the illuminated festival and its traditions. “Diwali reminds me of God Ram ji coming back to Ayodhaya that’s why it’s been celebrated, it’s an Auspicious Festival where your family gathers and you celebrate with them. Diwali is such a festival where you get a chance to meet your people and celebrate with them. It’s a happy Festival for me.”

She responded with her plans for this Year’s Diwali, ” Every Diwali is a new Diwali and exciting Diwali, because every year a lot of changes happen in your life. Last year during Covid I lost my brother so we didn’t celebrate Diwali. This year will also be simple for me, as we are still in the healing process. I’ll do Laxmi Ganesh Puja at my place and have my closed ones around. Few family friends are also going to visit me. As I am not celebrating this Diwali with my family so friends are my family this year.”