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People around the world sing songs that speak of a better tomorrow

songs that speak of a better tomorrow

The pandemic has sent us all digging deep into our creative and emotional resources to find hope post-COVID-19.

For many, film music works like a soul balm but there are many kinds of songs that people around the world are singing, creating, and drawing courage from. Here are a few that though sung in different languages, have the same universal message of optimism.

1. “Shahr Khaali,” a prophetic cry in Persian

Tajik singer Nigora Kholova sang a moving Persian poem over a decade ago but the lyrics speaking of an empty town, lonely streets and joyless gardens remind us of the desolation we are facing today collectively. The song originally composed by Afghan singer Amir Jan Soboori was about his war-torn country but now as we wage a battle against Covid-19, it seems to be about all of us. The song poignantly reminds us that we must come together to heal the world and ourselves.

2. “Jee le,” a peppy ode to joy

A pandemic may not be a laughing matter but composer Raajeev V Bhalla and singer Benny Dayal are on a mission to make the world smile through it. And to build upon the love that already exists. This is exactly why the two invited their musician friends to celebrate life with ‘Jee Le.’ This joyful collaboration is a song of hope as it encourages the world to not overthink problems and just live in the moment. Both Raajeev and Benny are grateful that all artists who have made special appearances in the video be it Vishal or Salim or Armaan, agreed in a heartbeat to lend their time and presence to the ‘Jee Le’ movement. They even shot from the safety of their own homes to share the uplifting message of the song.

3. Pitbull’s rap of defiance and courage

“You know what spreads faster than any virus Is fear. Now when it comes to fear you can either. Forget everything and run Or you can face everything and rise.”

These lyrics in Miami rapper/songwriter Pitbull’s new single, “I Believe That We Will Win” reminds us to stay strong and face the Covid-19 crisis with unflinching determination. This is truly an anthem of our times and Pitbull is donating its proceeds to charity.

4. How Italy’s national anthem brought people together

In the early days of the pandemic in Italy, when streets and town squares were eeriely bare and silent, the chants of “Il Canto Degli Italiani”, the country’s passionate national anthem brought people often to their balconies in a gesture of solidarity and hope that this tough time too would pass.

5. A Kashmiri prayer for human empathy

”Ya rab hamein ek doosre se milana,” these words of longing sung by Kashmiri singer, Raja Bilal, struck an instant chord when the song hit cyberspace as a heart-felt tribute to Corona warriors. Written by Safia Gulzar, the song speaks of and to all of us as we pray to once again meet our loved ones after the pandemic has been conquered.