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Payal Ghosh’s character in Shaque: The Doubt is all set to bring out legendary Zeenat Aman’s story of resilience & determination, read details here

Payal Ghosh's character in Shaque

Payal Ghosh is one of the most hardworking and admired actresses in the Indian entertainment industry and we love her. After having had her share of success and fandom in South regional cinema, Payal managed to spin heads big time with her impactful work in Bollywood and well, ever since then, there was simply no looking back for the talented artiste. Her last film ‘Fire Of Love: Red’ was a grand success and the movie fetched her both commercial success and critical acclaim, something that she always deserved as an artiste. From the time when she ran away from her home in Bengal to becoming a sought-after actress in the Indian entertainment industry today, she’s truly come a long way forward indeed.

Payal’s upcoming movie Shaque: The Doubt is creating a lot of buzz everywhere on social media because Payal is all set to become the first actress who’s set to play the legendary yesteryear superstar Zeenat Aman on-screen. Yes, that’s right. Payal’s character in the movie is set to be inspired from Zeenat Aman and no wonder, it will truly be a delight to see Payal hit the oomph factor high with her version of ‘Dum Maaro Dum’.

However, one must note the fact that ‘Shaque: The Doubt’ isn’t just about presenting the hot and sensuous version of Zeenat Aman. The movie has got a lot to do with the inspiring and motivating traits of Zeenat Aman and that according to Payal is the real challenge. With regards to bringing that alive on-screen, Payal shares and we quote,

“Well, Zeenat Aman ji is a legend and it’s an honour for anyone to get to play a character based on her on-screen. However, one must note that Zeenat Aman ji is a lot more than the hotness and oomph that she’s associated with. While all that is certainly there, she’s also about inspiring the youth in the right direction. She has always been self-dependent, hardworking and motivated individual for whom, career was always an important choice. For someone like her to break stereotypes in the industry and that too at a time when majority of women didn’t have the freedom to work, it speaks a lot about her resilience and determination as a personality. Even today, for many women, the journey towards a working life isn’t easy. So it’s only safe to imagine that during her era, it was 10 times more difficult. Still, she managed to use her resilience and determination despite all the setbacks and obstacles that she faced in her life to become the legend that she is today. For me, that’s the real challenge to bring alive on-screen in my character. I am going to do my thorough research and prepare very well to do justice to her legacy and the faith which my director Rajeev Chaudhari has shown on me. I am looking forward to receiving a lot of love for this one from my audience. Fingers crossed.”

Well, kudos to Payal for showing so much love and respect to a living legend and taking the opportunity so seriously that she wants to deliver and do her best for the same. Here’s wishing the super talented and beautiful actress all the very best for everything that she does going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.