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Payal Ghosh urges PM Narendra Modi to make ‘prostitution’ legal in India, read deets inside

Payal Ghosh urges PM Narendra Modi to make 'prostitution' legal in India

While the people from the Indian entertainment industry in general are said to be ‘people pleasers’, actress Payal Ghosh seems to be of a different breed altogether. The actress who recently managed to win hearts with her impressive performance in her last film ‘Fire Of Love: Red’ alongside the talented Krushna Abhishek is in the news and limelight once again for a big reason. The actress has always been known to be fearless and for speaking her heart out and that’s why, she has her own niche of fans who back her and support her always. As a public figure, Payal has never held herself back from speaking about important societal issues and stigmas, something many actors are often afraid to do and that’s what separates her from the crowd. This time as well, the actress has a special and important message for the honourable PM Narendra Modi.

As we all know, prostitution as a profession isn’t really legal in the country. Although it’s an open secret that it exists very deeply in our society, somehow or the other, the societal stigmas involved with it makes it difficult to speak about it in public. However, Payal who looks at it with a completely different and progressive perspective has something else to say. On being asked about her view on prostitution, she not only made some distinct points but also made a special request to honourable PM Narendra Modi. Payal said and we quote,

“The problem in our country is that everyone likes to talk or engage in sexual related activities behind closed doors. But when it comes to talking about real issues in front of the world, people conceal and I don’t understand why. On one hand, we commercialise the use of condoms and other sexual health products but at the same time, we are too shy to talk about a place where it is often used. I absolutely hate the way prostitution is looked upon in our country. The women are disrespected and immensely mistreated as if they are not a part of the society. Why so? It’s not like they chose to do it at will when they were pushed into this. So, if at all, somebody’s condition is such that this is perhaps the only way they are able to earn their bread and butter, then why not? To add to that, unfortunately, India as a country is known to be unsafe for women and we keep hearing about rape incidents. Although not entirely, there’s a huge chance that if prostitution gets a legal status in the country, a lot of it might stop or atleast reduce. As an individual, I can’t bring a sea change alone. But, I can always raise my voice and share what I feel is right which might be helpful for women and the society at large. Legalising prostitution in our country will not only change the way prostitutes are looked upon in this country. I feel it might also bring a significant impact in terms of reducing crime against women. So, I would like to request our honourable PM Narendra Modi to kindly look into this matter and request so that we can find a way to legalize prostitution in this country.”

Well, kudos to Payal for once again speaking her heart out like a real tigress and talking about a topic that truly needs attention. May she continue to inspire people with her positive thoughts. On the work front, Payal is set to have interesting work updates happening soon, the announcements for which will happen as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.