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“Patola” by Producer Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music is another magnificent addition to Regional Charts

“Patola” by Producer Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music

The regional vernacular popular music industry in North India is acquiring popularity every passing day. Haryanvi Music is one of the trending and rising music businesses. North India tends to be dominated by song-and-dance scenes along with upper-end regional popular music. The Haryanvi popular music scene attempts a brief update on aspects of contemporary music culture. Haryanvi music is unlike any other music industry. Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music get into the limelight of this distinctive form of music so that it gains popularity.

Albeit Regional songs virtually might appear extravagant compared to Bollywood-style sets and effects, nonetheless, the dramatic and entertaining appearance never fails the audience. Decentralization of the music industry and the proliferation of regional and niche folk genres remain fundamental even today. The Regional Music Industry is becoming popular purely basis on its entertainment factor, adds Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, Director, Photofit Music.

“Patola” is one beautiful Haryanvi track Produced by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali in association with Photofit Music. The video affirms the unpretentious charm and legitimacy of village life by being staged in typical rural settings and also portraying a cute love story of a couple. Dance in “Patola” is overwhelmingly in Haryanvi style and tremendously expressively portrayed by Haryanvi Superstar Kay D Sing and gorgeous Ruma Khan. The song is splendidly sung by one of the top Haryanvi Singer Ruchika Jangid. The lyrics by Aamin Barodi and Music by GR Music are amazingly rhythmic. Along with the guidance of Project Head Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, the song gives the taste and visuals that were expected.

Likewise, adding on to that vernacular-language music videos from a few major regions – especially the Punjab, Haryana, and so forth, are well represented. It is one of the known regions enjoying a musical boom, further adds, Mr. Amit K Shiva, Director, Photofit Music.

Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music have precipitated a new revolution in global music cultures, posing new opportunities and challenges to the music business. Considerably less verifiable information is available on the vernacular regional music industry. And, Photofit Music as a production company stepped up to operate in the informal sector to begin and exhibit its talents. Photofit Music along with its enormously talented team has given a vast exposure to regional Businesses.

Photofit Music has consistently prioritized and met its audience’s entertainment findings and will continue to do so, concludes, Mr. Rajiv John Sauson.