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Passion – Lata, Asha aur Main is as powerful as it is personal: Madhushree

Madhushree’s Passion - Lata Asha aur Main concert

Soulful Songstress Madhushree shares the musical magic elixir that kept her alive during the pandemic with a concert at Nehru Centre this July 29_

In a country where the millennials resonate with the lyrics, dive deep into the metaphors, discard the digital takeover and bring back to life the golden era of realness in the time of reels, singer Madhushree promises to musically narrate the transformation of Indian music from the era of Ghazals, Qawwali, Thumri, Sufi, Dadra to cabaret, disco, pop, classical evolution and the grooves and the hook lines of the new narrative!

Her musical offering Passion – Lata, Asha aur Main premiering at 7 pm on July 29th at Hall of Harmony, Nehru Centre, Mumbai, promises to transport you into the era of cult classics and capture the childhood memories that brought us comfort and unwind and relieve from the everyday stress.

“For an artist, compulsory homestay meant boredom, anxiousness, loneliness and depression. In such times, Lata didi’s music embraced me and not just in an uplifting, comforting and inspiring way – It hit the spot in my brain that helped me express and process my current feelings. It hit a spot in my brain that made me happier.”

Madhushree realised that the best way to stay connected while still, social distancing was to share her mood-lifting song list and help many people deal with the emotional turmoil of the pandemic. In the process, Madhushree created an unbreakable personal bond with Lata Mangeshkar.

“Lata didi gave musical life to every syllable, to the last dissolving note. The sheer control behind her renditions overruled the complexity of the melody. She made me smile, cry, love and celebrate. She made me feel alive.
Asha didi helped me further spread my wings and romance every microsecond of the song sequence and transform them into unforgettable musical moments. I prayed for Lata didi’s immortality and realised that Lata didi exists in my mystical, musical moments with her. I wanted to share with the world the immortal voice for every emotion. Passion – Lata, Asha Aur Main is an incredible force, the great uniter and the warm glow that filled the void inside me and saved my life. Passion – Lata, Asha Aur Main is to help the world listen to their heartbeat, to experience the blood dancing in their veins, to understand that everything living has a rhythm and to realise that our true soulmate is music.”

Madhushree has chosen classical songs, folk, cabaret and melody – from Hoton Pe Aisi Baat to Lag Jaa Gale, Kya Jaanu Sajan, Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh, Dil Cheez Kya Hai, Jhumka Gira Re, Pyaar Hua, Dil Ki Nazar Se to her own bits Kabhi Neem Neem, Tu Bin Bataye, Kanha So Jaa Zara, Hum Is Pal Yahan, Mahi Ve to Tu Yahin Hai. Madhushree believes that her musical expression with the blessings of Lata and Asha didi will be the magical elixir that will help the listener tap into their inner power and strength and acquire the feeling to take on the world. “These melodies will stay with you long after the song has ended and help you tap into your inner fortitude, feel grateful for what we have and take each moment as it comes. This concert is as powerful as it is personal. In simple words, I want everyone to experience this musical journey and find their own path to glory.”

Madhushree’s Passion – Lata, Asha aur Main concert, a musical tribute to the legends, is on at the Hall of Harmony, Nehru Centre, Mumbai, on July 29th, 7 pm.