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On World Health Day, Deepshikha Deshmukh launches a new range of Ayurvedic products that unlock ancient Beauty secrets

Deepshikha Deshmukh new range of Ayurvedic Beauty products

When producer Deepshikha Deshmukh is not ideating blockbusters, spreading environmental awareness, and teaching her children the values embedded in organic farming, she is digging deep into the ancient secrets of wellness to create indigenous beauty products.

On World Health Day (April 7), she announced the addition of a new range of Ayurvedic beauty products called, ‘Love Veda,’ to her organic skincare brand ‘Love Organically.’ The new range, like the name suggests, is a labour of love and the culmination of cherished traditional wisdom. These are potions, bath salts, face oils, nourishing ‘ubtans’, and even Neem combs and Kansa massagers that shower love and care upon the user in the gentlest of ways.

Deepshikha’s beauty brand ‘Love Organically’ has already carved a niche for itself and ‘Love Veda’ with its 14 Ayurvedic products adds more nuance and diversity to the range.

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Says Deepshikha, “Launching these sustainable, chemical and cruelty-free products on ‘World Health Day is significant because our health is closely linked to the health of the earth. The pandemic is reminding us to never take wellness for granted and what better way to take care of ourselves than by trusting mother nature to protect and nurture us? And what better way to stay healthy than to ensure that what we use and consume is good not just for us but for the earth as well? That is why ‘Love Organically ’ products are created with organic ingredients handpicked from farms across the country. What’s more, ‘Love Veda’ channels ancient Ayurvedic wisdom by unlocking over 6000 -year- old beauty secrets. All the products are made in WHO and GMP-certified manufacturing plants and am proud to share that an all-women team is powering the brand.” Mindful of the fact that beauty comes in all shades, the range has bespoke products to nurture all women.

Adds Deepshika,”’Love Veda’ is mining nature’s treasures to make you feel more soothed and balanced. The products are steeped in luxury and they distill age-old beauty rituals and source potent ingredients to bring forth the beauty already within you. These products are meant to not just make you look good but to help you feel good too with active ingredients that are potent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, cooling, detoxifying, collagen boosting, ‘pitta’ pacifying, luxurious, and suitable for all skin types. “

Be it the secrets of Kumkumadi, Mulethi, Nirgundi, Ajadudh, Maharasnandi, Shuddha Guggul, Sunthee, Neem, Chandan or Kesar, ‘Love Veda’ by ‘Love Organically’ will unravel them all for men and women who want inner and outer wellness, concludes Deepshikha.