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”My poem Aasman is not just about love, but also perceptions”-Kangana Ranaut

Aasman a poem by Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut who is currently at her Manali home due to the lockdown is utilizing her lockdown time well. The actress had recently penned down a beautiful poem for her mother on Mother’s Day. And now she has penned down another heart touching poem named “Aasman” which she has shot by herself at her Manali residence. The poem has been receiving a lot of appreciation and love from her fans. Recently during an interview, she spoke about what inspired her to write and many more things.
Excerpts from the interview:

When Kangana was asked what inspired her to write and share this poem she revealed that she has been writing from the age of 15. “I thought this is a time when I can share what I have written, with the hope that it helps people during the lockdown. I wrote this poem a few days ago and shared it because I feel it is relevant to the times we are in. On the surface, it’s about love, but deep within, it’s about perceptions.”

Taking about the idea behind the video that she has shot she says, “A lot of people speak, write and understand Hindi, but people in some parts of the country, who understand the language, don’t necessarily speak, read or write it. So, I decided to recite the verses I had written. Also, I was missing the atmosphere of a shoot. My assistant, Rizwan, is here with me. I made a call sheet, with time allocated for hair, make-up, and steam-ironing clothes. We pretended to be like a little unit working on a set. It was a good change to be able to shoot things the way I wanted to because there were no commercials involved.”

Kangana has been staying in Manali ever since the lockdown began. This is said to be her longest stay at Manali ever since she became an actress. Kangana admits that she has been enjoying her stay here. “I complete 15 years of living in Mumbai, and now I feel more like a Maharashtrian. I had lost touch with the mountains that I grew up around — given the tremendous struggle that I have been through, working incessantly, and mentally never being on a break. In my journey, I never took the time out to sit back and think about things. It was a crazy marathon that I was running. While being in Manali, I got a chance to introspect and reflect upon everything that has happened in my journey so far. The lockdown is quite strict here, but my house is in the green zone, so I do get a chance to move around a little and revisit the places that I used to go to when I lived here.”

Lastly, she ended by saying she wants to continue writing and sharing more such videos and poems. “I am a professional artist, and I want to keep something for commercial purposes, too. The verses can become a poem, a song, or the thought behind a film. You can do a lot on social media for people, but you can’t bring it all out there. For some of it, people have to wait and watch” she ends.