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Mrs. Anita Hassanandani Reddy launches Eggsplore’s newest outlet in Jaipur

Mrs. Anita Hassanandani Reddy launches Eggsplore’s newest outlet in Jaipur

Eggsplore’s newest branch was launched by Mrs. Anita Hassanandani Reddy– leading Bollywood and Television actress on December 02, 2018 at Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur. Ms. Anita Hassanandani was accompanied by the owners of Eggsplore – Mr. Chandresh Kothari, Mr. Rakesh Rathi and Mr. Krishna Rander. Anita Hassanandani Reddy says, “Launch of an outlet like this which supports healthy eating is a fantastic initiative.  I tried many egg based  dishes and juices which were amazing and healthy at the same time”

Eggplore as the name suggests, is a rising chain of themed fast food outlets specially designed for people who love EGGS. The brand was created from the passion to amaze the taste buds of Eggsplorers which includes Eggitarians who’d love to explore the world of EGGS. Within a span of 12 months they have expanded to 10 outlets in Mumbai and Jaipur put together.Eggsplore is also expanding its menu into the Shakes and Juices vertical. Ms. Anita Hassanandani was seen launching Eggsplore’s newest addition of Organic Shakes & Juices which are 100% organic without any preservatives, sugar or coloring providing a healthy and delicious beverage option.

Mr. Chandresh Kothari (Brand Partner) expressed his happiness on opening the newest outlet in Vaishali Nagar by saying, “At Eggsplore, we not only provide Egg-citing dishes, we also make sure that all our patrons have a unique experience at all our outlets. Mr. Rakesh Rathi (Brand Partner) said, “We are very grateful to our customers who have shown so much love to Eggsplore in the last 12 months. I’m happy to say that this is just the beginning with many more Eggsplore restaurants opening very soon”. Mr. Krishna Rander (Brand partner) added by saying, “We are overwhelmed with the response so far. We promise to become brand ambassadors to our superstar ingredient – Eggs”.

Eggsplore is the only fast food restaurant doing the entire cooking on induction, serving unique dishes like the Egg PavBhaji, Nachos Heaven, French Fries Casserole, Egg Missal Pav etc. along with a Vegetarian menu, Combos and delicious varieties of Organic Shakes & Juices.Flavorful dishes, is what “EGGSPLORE” promises to offer which will leave you satisfied and have the Eggsperience all over again! “ The event was organized by Chetan Chauhan and Ashish Sablawat who are well known in the entertainment industry.

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