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Movie would have done better business than Kalank: The Tashkent Files’s music composer!

Tashkent Files

Release of ‘The Tashkent files’ along with big budget and multi-starrer projects like Kalank and Avengers Endgame was assumed to be a bad decision by film trade analysts, but the movie’s success has turned around the entire game.

Tashkent Files

Despite having only 250 screens – which was around six percent of Kalank – The Tashkent Files managed to earn approximately Rs 14.35 crore in the first four weeks. And the movie’s background score composer Satya-Manik-Afsar trio believes that it would have done far better than Kalank, had it been released on an equally grand scale.

“The movie’s success is evident from the fact that every passing weekend saw an increase in the number of audience flocking to theatres to watch our film,” Manik Batra said adding, “Viewers are looking for strong and substantial content, and that’s the reason movies like ‘The Tashkent Files’ are doing extremely well despite the lesser number of screens.” But is the box office collection more important than the critical success?

Tashkent Files

Commenting on that, Manik, who with his team has given background score for almost 30 tele-series till date, said, “A movie with a good storyline and great performances will surely be appreciated by the audience as well as critics. But we can’t ignore that Box office is as important as the critical acclamation – more than us it is important for the producers and financiers of the film because if they will earn then only there will be more work for everyone involved in the film trade.”

Satya Manik Afsar, the famous trio is coming up with a new song in film ‘Khamoshi’ and the Tamil version of the film ‘Kolayurthir Kalam’. The film is directed by Chakri Tolati and both films have different star cast. The film will be releasing on 31st May.

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