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Miss Divine Beauty Celebrated the Power of Womanhood at the Grand Finale Event

Miss Divine Beauty Winner

Miss Divine Beauty 2019 winners Tejaswini and Surina, will represent India on the stage of Miss Earth and Miss Intercontinental 2019

Gurgaon, Haryana, India

The most awaited name of the winners of Miss Divine Beauty pageant 2019 is revealed now, Tejaswini Manogna is crowned by the title of Miss Earth India 2019, Surina Jaidka is new Miss Intercontinental India 2019, winners are followed by the runner ups, first runner up of the show is Rashmi Madhuree and title of the second runner up is won by Nikeet Kaur Dhillon. The main guests of the gala night were Founder and Director of the Divine Group Mr. Deepak Agarwal with Director Mr. Sunil Malkani and CEO of Miss Intercontinental organization Mr. Detlef Tursies along with the Former Miss Earth and Miss Intercontinental.

Miss Divine Beauty Event

This event is an initiative of the Divine Group, the titleholders will now get a chance to represent the nation on International beauty platforms like Miss Earth and Miss Intercontinental. Divine Group is a young vibrant dynamic organization based on millennial values aiming to create a community of like-minded professionals with entrepreneurship skills to provide exclusive larger than life experiences.

Miss Divine Beauty Winners

Left to right: Rashmi Madhuri, Tejawini Manogna, Sureena Jaidka, Nikeet Dhillon

“Miss Divine Beauty gives the platform to the woman of India and celebrates the power of womanhood. Women are not just the symbol of beauty but also they symbolize the power of unity because they are courageous enough to deal with any circumstances which come as a hurdle in their life. Divine Group identified the way of appreciation for women and tries to help them in attaining their dreams,” said Mr. Agarwal.

“It’s a great feeling to see a woman to get a platform for showcasing their beauty, talent, vision, and responsibility towards the environment. They know how to adjust in any environment they are exposed to, they learn first and then they educate others. I’m very happy and proud of the Divine Group that shall now give the women of India a truly empowering platform not just for national as well as for the international level,” added Detlef Tursies, CEO Miss Intercontinental organization, SA Europe.

At last Mr. Sunil Malkani, Director added that, “It’s sad to see that women today are fighting for their rights and equality in the society. Few of them won the fight but others failed and it’s our responsibility to make their life easy. They do so much for their family and for the society now it’s our time to give them their comfort and leisure they should get. And for that across pan India, we are providing this platform for those ladies who want to flaunt their beauty and intelligence to the nation.”

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