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” Mechanic Dada” Set to Conquer International Screens: A Cinematic Journey from Nagaland

Mechanic Dada Set to Conquer International Screens A Cinematic Journey from Nagaland

The much-anticipated film, ” Mechanic Dada,” is poised for an international breakthrough as it gears up for release on top OTT/digital channels. The film has already secured licensing with a renowned US channel, marking a significant milestone in its global journey. Shot against the breathtaking backdrop of Nagaland, with a cast exclusively hailing from the northeast, “Mechanic Dada” is a cinematic marvel directed by the talented Shiraz Henry, produced by Rebecca Changkiga Sema, and penned by the seasoned writer Hekishe Sema.

This cinematic gem has already clinched over 25 awards at various film festivals, a testament to its captivating storyline and exceptional production. Selected for NEFF 2023, the film was showcased at NFDC, Pedder Road, Mumbai, on March 25th, 2023, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating its imminent streaming debut. Stay tuned for updates as “Mechanic Dada” promises to be nothing short of epic!

The film boasts a stellar cast featuring Kartic Karan, Yana Sakhlani, and Kathu Sumi in lead roles. The musical brilliance of Abuzar Rizvi, coupled with the soulful vocals of N K Naga, adds another layer of enchantment to this cinematic masterpiece. Premiering at NIIFF, Dimapur on December 14, 2022, “A Mechanic Dada” stands out not only for its artistic merit but also for its remarkable accomplishment in being crafted on a modest budget.

Director Shiraz Henry, known for his previous works like “Little Boy” in Arunachal Pradesh and “Tonhi” in Chhattisgarh, shares insights into the film’s creation. He emphasizes that the primary goal was to spotlight the immense talents of northeast India, portraying the region’s rich cultural tapestry on the global stage.

Rebecca Changkija Sema, a proud native of Dimapur, Nagaland, and the film’s producer, has consistently championed the cause of promoting northeast India and its abundant talents. Her decision to bring 82-year-old Hekishe Sema’s written script to life speaks volumes about her commitment to showcasing diverse narratives.

The inclusion of N K Naga, a well-known singer from Nagaland with a repertoire of Hindi songs for the mainland, adds a unique musical dimension to the film.

“This movie is aimed to cater to the booming OTT and digital market. We are not limiting ourselves to one channel; instead, we aim to pitch it to leading channels in India and abroad, ensuring a wider audience,” says Henry, who is pioneering a new concept of becoming a leading content provider.

As ” Mechanic Dada” revs up for its streaming debut, it promises not just entertainment but a celebration of the rich tapestry of northeast India’s culture and talent, captivating audiences worldwide. Get ready for a cinematic journey that transcends borders and showcases the magic of Nagaland on the global stage!