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Malaika Arora couldn’t thank enough to her staff

Malaika Arora Khan, the fittest and hottest mom of the industry could not thank enough to her make up and hair stylish while  inaugurating  “The Beauty India Show” on Monday 27th March at Bombay Exhibition Centre Goregaon East.

She candidly admits ” I wouldn’t have been on time here without the beauty and hair experts and as an actor  on screen we look the way we do is because of them.”.

Malaika also admits the fact that beauty is in her genes:
“I stared in 90s. It’s been a long journey. The beauty industry in India has evolved, and we are far more organise than what we used to be.  Its a flourishing industry today giving opportunity to end numbers of people.

For her :Beauty is skin deep. I grew up being told that I am not very beautiful.” and ads “We live in a very colour obsessed country, I have grown up with a sister who is ‘gori-chitti’. Thankful to parents.

Thankfully trends are changing and people are opening up, today being Confident is beautiful and ofcourse Bollywood is  beautiful

Malaika  thinks Kareena is one of the most natural beauties tht Bollywood has. For her Eternal beauty is Madhuri Dixit and then Deepika Padukone.

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