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Makers of “72 Hoorain” Respond to CBFC’s official statement on trailer rejection

The makers of the much-anticipated film “72 Hoorain” have come forward with a reply to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) regarding their official statement over the refusal of the movie’s trailer.

They have questioned the CBFC’s decision to request the removal of certain shots from the trailer, while those very shots are an integral part of the final film, which has received a censor certificate already.

“We don’t understand what the CBFC is trying to say. They have rejected the trailer and have asked to remove a few shots. But what is really surprising is that the same shots are used in the movie to which they have already given a censor certificate. Not just that, the government has bestowed the same movie with a National Award, despite those shots being incorporated in the movie,” said the makers of the film.

They further added, “Also, we would like to bring under everybody’s notice that we had applied for the censor certificate on June 19 and CBFC has reverted with a rejection on June 27, after 8 long days. What took them so long to react? It would be great if some light is shed on this topic.”

This firm response from the filmmakers has sparked a crucial discussion about the rationale behind the CBFC’s trailer rejection and the need for clarity in the certification process. The makers seek clarification on why the same shots have been considered unfit for the trailer while being deemed acceptable within the context of the entire film.

This decision by CBFC to reject the trailer of “72 Hoorain” has raised eyebrows among the film fraternity and the audience alike.

72 Hoorain, which is set to release on July 7 in theatres near you, is directed by two times National Award winning director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. It has been produced by Gulab Singh Tanwar, Kiran Dagar, Anirudh Tanwar and co-produced by Ashoke Pandit.