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Madhurima Tuli Wishes Fans A Happy Diwali with A Strong Message

Madhurima Tuli Diwali

Diwali comes with an atmosphere of fun and excitement. Bollywood and TV celebrities, too, can’t keep themselves from spreading joy on this occasion. From posting photos about the celebration at their homes to wishing their fans a peaceful Diwali, our celebrities have already embraced the festive vibes. Children and adults are all passionate when it comes to celebrating the festival of lights but some precautions are still necessary to keep in mind while enjoying the occasion. Actress Madhurima Tuli sheds light on how she prefers to commemorate the festival.

“Diwali is really special to me and it’s one of my favourite festivals. I love the togetherness and warmth that we share with each other. The concept of positive winning over the negative really brings the meaning of Diwali.I’m going to be celebrating with my family and we’re all going to visit my brother’s place and get together there with my mom dad and everyone. We’ll all have fun bursting crackers but not many because I have a pet and I know they get scared due to the noise.”

She wishes all a prosperous Diwali and subtly warned against the harmful effects of bursting crackers. “I would like to say that Diwali is very special and it’s about togetherness so celebrate it with family. Try and burst less crackers as it really does a lot of harm to the stray animals and also creates too much pollution.”