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Karan B Oberoi starts a difficult yet important conversation through his song “Rishton ka vyapaar”

Karan B Oberoi song “Rishton ka vyapaar”

Karan B Oberoi releases “Rishton ka vyapaar” song on all music platforms, his and Times Music Youtube Channel. It’s a song that gives context to the modern day relationships, and how the core essence and values of love, affection, and empathy are getting lost in the maze of toxic relationships based on greed and selfishness!

Here he talks about his experience to express his heartfelt emotions, in his own words! Pain, suffering, agony, humiliation, untruth… dwarfed by love support affection humanity belief and the TRUTH…

But how many of us are that lucky and blessed??

Have we reached a point, where we express our empathy, for the sufferings of a human being based on his/her gender? Have our relationships become that transactional, that they are based on calculations, short cuts, and financial gains? Isn’t this loss of innocence of our core as humans do not make us think of the happy carefree memories, friendships we created when life was less about gains and more about unabashed acceptance and love!

Haven’t we shackled ourselves to an idea of consumerism, leading to every association reflective of that malaise, with all the loss of purity of emotions!

They say when it breaks your heart, you create art!

This song expresses my anguish, pain and catharsis, and the overwhelming need to express my heartfelt emotions backed on the sufferings of people who have met with a similar fate of fake cases! This song is dedicated to all the people who are suffering on account of fake cases, where the laws are being manipulated to settle scores, agendas, lead by vendetta! This one is based on justice for all, irrespective of gender, cuz the hurt and suffering is as painful for #mentoo!

Karan B Oberoi is available for television interviews on this song. Please connect with me on +91 86980-87875.

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