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Karan Aanand looks unrecognisable in the latest shoot of ‘Netram’

Karan Aanand in the latest shoot of 'Netram'

The “Lupt” actor, Karan Aanand, has everyone smitten by his versatile and experiential acting skills. Born in Allahabad, UP, Karan Anand found his passion for acting early in life, and started off as a child actor in the serial “Amrut Kumbh”. Later, the actor went on to join the National School of drama and joining the theatre group “Ekduje”, getting his break in the television industry in “Chittod ki rani Padmini ka Johur” Karan Aanand’s first break in film Industry was with Ranveer Singh’s “Gunday” where he played the role of Dutta, and he later went on to be a part of the Salman Khan’s blockbuster hit “Kick”.

Recently, Karan Aanand shared photos on his Instagram, teasing us with a look from his upcoming short film, “Netram” with co-star, Madhura Daas Gupta. The images show Karan Aanand with a side sack and a jeans jacket, wearing loafers and shabby, long hair. His face denotes that he is worried and devastated about something.
Check out the pictures:

The film is under the direction of Sushant Kaushik and producer, Hanwant Khatri and Lalit Khatri. The film’s story is based on the relationships between two characters and is being shot in Kolkata, the land of sweets. Prior to this, Karan Aanand shot for another film in Kolkata,” Ami Shubhash Bolchi”.

After dipping his toes in Bhojpuri and Bengali cinema, Karan Aanand has been working on his own indie film “It’s over”, which was shot in and about the recent covid lockdown and we cannot wait to see what Aanand has in store for us this time around.