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Kangana Ranaut’s message to the children of the nation!

Kangana Ranaut in Manikarnika

ManikarnikaThere was a time when I would do movies like Gangster and Fashion and kids could not watch those movies. I was playing a psycho or a drug addicts in such movies and they were not suited for the kids audience but it was my dream that when I direct a movie, it would be keeping in mind the children audience. And with Manikarnika, that dream of mine has come true. I am grateful for the love that the movie is getting. The love and affection that you have been bestowing on this movie is very encouraging and heart warming for our team. We are grateful to all teacher who are recommending this movie to the children. When we were in school and were taken to watch movies, it was always some sweet teacher or warden that used to come with this idea, so I would like to thank all the teachers and principals who are coming up with this idea. Patriotism that is shown in the movie, is something that we grew up with and we are the end product of that. So we have received this as a gift and now we are passing on this to the children of the nation. The person who has a strong base, who feels proud of his near and dear ones, the one collaborates with people around him that person becomes very strong in terms of character. The person who has a strong character is very difficult to defeat.

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