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Kangana Ranaut reacts to Naseeruddin Shah’s ‘half-educated starlet’ dig; says, “Thank you Naseerji”

Kangana Ranaut reacts to Naseeruddin Shah

Bollywood ‘Queen’ Actress Kangana Ranaut is quite vocal and outspoken about her opinions about anything and everything. This is the reason why everyone has an opinion about her. Adding in the list is the name of veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah, who in his recent interview took a sly dig at her but refrained from taking her name.

Talking to an interview the actor shared his opinion on the ‘outsiders vs insiders’ debate that came to light after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. He said, “No one is interested in the opinions of some half-educated starlet who decides to take it upon herself to, you know, get justice for Sushant. If there is justice that needs to be done, I think we need to have faith in the process of the law and if it is none of our business, I think we should not concern ourselves with it.”

The Manikarnika actress’s verified Twitter team, which goes by the name of Team Kangana Ranaut reacted to Shah’s remark and wrote, “Thank you Naseer ji, you weighed all my awards and achievements which non of my contemporaries have on the scale of nepotism,I am used to this but would you say this to me if I were Parkash Padukone/Anil Kapoor’s daughter ?”

Further, sharing a clip of an old conversation with the actor, Kangana’s team wrote, “Naseer ji is a great artist, itne mahan kalakar ki toh gaaliyaan bhi bhagwan ke parshad ki tareh hain, I rather watch amazing conversation we had about cinema and our craft last year and you told me how much you appreciate me… ”

Reacting about what happened after Sushant’s demise, the veteran actor said, “It’s sickening. It is absolutely sickening. I have not followed it. I felt deeply grieved when the young man died. I did not know him but he had a bright future and it was a waste of life. But I did not bother to follow the nonsense that’s being spouted by a whole lot of people.
Every person who has any little frustration in his mind, in his heart, about the commercial industry, has been vomiting it out to the press. It is absolutely disgusting. I mean, keep these complaints to yourself, no one is interested.”

A day after Sushant’s death, Kangana Ranaut released a two-minute video speaking highly of the deceased actor and accusing certain sections of the film industry of not acknowledging the lost star’s talent.

Meanwhile, Kangana has been the first liner who demand CBI inquiry of Sushant’s death case and finally The Supreme Court given the verdict of CBI inquiry.