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Jacqueline Fernandez’s pole dancing in Budapest


Jacqueline Fernandez’s  pole dancing in Budapest

Jacqueline Fernandez is known for fitness. Apart from good looks Jacqueline gives complete fitness goals. Be it a 180 degree split or any tough form of yoga she is able to do it with grace and ease.

Seeing her instagram posts we all are aware about her love for dance and especially her love and passion towards pole dance. She is one of the actress to start the pole dance trend. Not only does she practice pole dance but she has also fixed two poles in her house for the same.

Recently, Jacqueline was spotted doing a pole dance in Budapest while she was shooting for an ad. For pole dance people prefer wearing sports wear but Jacqueline dint care about her outfit, she did the pole dance so well in a flowery dress that she was wearing.

This needs some confidence and balancing skills and we are totally in awwwhh of Jacqueline

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